Roll call: Youtube channels which galvanized Trump support 1.7m subscribers 593k subscribers 512k subscribers 504k subscribers 437k subscribers 345k subscribers 151k subscribers

The more unscrupulous and self-serving the messenger, the better. What else?

Also, a list of pro-white racist sites which are at minimum optimistic over this election like SBPDL could be helpful.

You’re against these channels so you provide links to add traffic…?

Also, the first two are the same guy. And I’m surprised the subscribers are so low.

The only channel I frequent listed above is Sargon of Akkad. He is more of an anti social justice warrior type, not a conservative at all, but he had a burning HATRED for Hillary and did everything in his power rhetorically to blast her. Hillary Became his white whale, all the evils in this world he rails against her personified in her presidency.

Turned me off big time. But there it is. I also watch Crowder from time to time, but he was actually more down on Trump than Sargon even though he is an actual conservative and not a liberal like Sargon. Neither liked Hillary though.
It made me worry over the battle of ideas.

tyt is more Bernie/farther left. tyt politics is ULTRA left wing.

secular talk is far more reasonable, but still aggressively left (less authoritarian on speech issues and propping up the sjw crowd though)

I have yet to find youtubers that better align with my views. Essentially liberal but not “Friendly” to alt right types like Sargon can be and not a rabid Trump supporter.

tyt and secular talk hate Trump but are much more left wing than I am. Sargon is closer to me politically, but thinks Trump will be better than Hillary (crazy view imo).

Anyone who defends a more reasonable liberal position seems to get wailed on by alt right types, and not enough support from much more liberal types, my views seem like a lonely place to be. I was thinking about making a channel to fill the void.

Yes, that is correct. Second link is Paul Joseph Watson who is an associate of Alex Jones’s.
It’s disturbing to me the last year or two how massive Alex’s operation has become, a guy who regularly does things like call Orlando shooting massacre a false flag hours after the fact.

In general it’s rare to find sizeable youtube channels, say 10k+ subscribers, that are intellectually worthwhile and don’t sell out by pandering to hive mind mentality or whatever to sustain and bring in more views. I’m sure there are some fitting your criteria that are smaller.

Here is one that mostly covers European issues and Islam.

His one take on the US election, then he is done and back to focusing on Europe.

Congratulations, yezzles, for increasing the Google rankings of these channels. I’m sure they’ll be grateful.