Roller-coaster identification please

Spotted the following pic on the interwebs…

Does anyone know where it is and what it’s called?


Vertical Velocity roller coaster from Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois.

It is indeed. Thank you.

FWIW, that coaster looks really cool, but I was less than impressed with it. It’s a disappointingly short ride. The train goes up one end and twists around, then goes backwards up the other end, and that’s pretty much that. Wasn’t worth the wait.

There was a twin of it at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California that I’ve ridden, but upon looking it up, it’s been modified to fit a city height ordinance.

That doesn’t surprise me. Shuttles tend to be really boring and I’ve found that the anticipation of being pulled up in a Boomerang, for instance, is more intense than the cobra and loop combination. I pretty much skip the shuttles these days.

It only runs once? The one at Valleyfair, which is a twin of that, right down to the colors, launches you up the front spire three times and the back spire twice. Still short, but much better than once.

Am I the only one who doesn’t even consider rides like that to be proper roller coasters at all? To my mind, “roller coaster” implies a loop track where you’re hoisted to the top of a hill and then go by gravity from there. Neither something where you’re launched from the start, nor something where you go forwards partway, then backwards back into the station, seems like a real roller coaster to me.

I agree that a proper roller coaster should be totally gravity-driven, but the hoist method, whether chain-pull or LIM launcher, is irrelevant.

Actually, I can’t say for sure how they do it now. I went several years ago when the ride was brand new and heavily hyped, and the line was long. They were probably trying to move as many people through as quickly as possible. It may very well be a longer ride these days. (Still, not all that exciting, IMO)

Meh. Give me the Screamin’ Eagle any day.

Largest and fastest of its time, plus you had the addded thrill of expecting to be hurtled off the track at any moment, since it shook like crazy…and was made of wood.

It was an imposter

You won’t find it on this list.

Read more here.

I guess it depends on your definition of one. One of my favorite roller coasters wouldn’t fit your definition. It was the Tidal Wave originally built at Mariott’s Great America. It’s moved several times to other Six Flags parks and chnaged names.

I’ll see your Cyclone and raise you a Giant Dipper

I don’t know about the Screamin’ Eagle or the Cyclone, but it’s hard to top the Beast, at King’s Island, Cincinnati. It’s one of the longest coasters in the world, but all of the little details are just right for the whole length. The first time I rode it, I was shaking for a good 15 minutes after I got off.