Roller Coasters and Simular Rides: Yes or No?

What are your views on rollar coasters and other simular rides where you go upside down? I happen to hate them and everyone I know loves them, or can at least tolerate them. The last time one of my friends happened to pressure me onto a rollar coaster was six years ago or so. And if someone is able to get me onto a rollar coaster I usually get off crying and yelling to my friend, “I’ll kill you!” I usually got on them (even though I knew I was afraid of them) was because I thought I was being foolish. I don’t know what it is about rollar coasters, I’m just really, really afraid of them. I was always afraid I’d pass out on one of them and then I’d slip out of the restraints.

A simular ride I was on was in some arcade either in a casino in Las Vegas or at Disneyland about six or seven years ago. It was this ball of sorts that you could see inside and what it was was a flight simulator. It looked fun, at first, so I decided I wanted to go in. I was strapped up and the guy told me if I ever wanted to get off before the ride was over with, I could press the red button. I did press the red button before the ride was over. It wasn’t so much the going upside down and around and around, but the fear that I would fall out of my restraints because I was so little and skinny.

Feel free to say you don’t like roller coasters and simulators. It isn’t a character flaw to dislike the sensation of being flipped around. The thrill rides are for people who like their inner ear messed with. Even if you know you are strapped in securely, if you don’t enjoy simulators, don’t pay to go on one. I always say my life is scary enough without paying money to be frightened by roller coasters and horror movies. My SO urges me to uncover my eyes when the bad stuff starts to unfold before me on TV. I ignore this bad advice.

I’m fine with roller coasters.

Rides that really focus on spinning you around, though–tilt-a-whirls, anything called “the Scrambler”–no thank you.

I love 'em absolutely, even if I puke afterwards. The bigger, twistier, and upsidedowner, the better. Mebbe it’s a constitutional thing, but I’ve loved it since I was a wee tot. The odd thing is, they make me laugh hard. The puke comes more from laughing so hard over any equilibrium disturbance.

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i love roller coasters and spinning things and all of that.

However I can NOT stand going backwards while upside down. There is a roller coast at the Great Escape theme park in Lake George, NY called the Boomerang that takes you backwards through a loop de loop and that scared the crap out of me and left me screaming cusswords in combinations that made no sense, in front of a nun. I felt guilty for being a wussy and cussing at nuns.

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Ohhh! Yesss! I love roller coasters and similar attractions. I guess I just love the rush it gives me. Delicious!

One particular roller coaste is Ghost Rider(sp?) at Knott’s Berry Farm. Lifts me right off of the seat. Wheeee!

Nope. Nope nope nope. Don’t like 'em at ALL. Friends forced me on one of those swinging ship things once, and said they SAW me turn green. Never again was I forced to do anything. :slight_smile:


No, please, Aunt Mary, don’t make me go on the Scooby Doo Roller Coaster! I know I’m “this high” and can legally ride it, but I’m scared!

Nooo…pleeeaaase! Holy Mother of God, somebody help meeee…!

(Barfing SFX)

Don’t like roller coasters. Uh,uh.

I am an all-out Roller Coaster enthusiast. I visit coaster web sites on a daily basis, to find updates on new coaster construction. I make trips around the country for the sole purpose of riding roller coasters. Yes, people, I am a roller coaster nut. They are one of my passions. I’ll ride anything. The more intense, the better. Hey…I could have my own thread: “Ask the roller coaster enthusiast.”

Millennium Force on a hot summer day = heaven.


HELL YEAH! Whenever I can. The bigger the better. :smiley:

It’s such an adrenaline rush!

There’s a really fun, MILD ride that I would have never ever gone on by the looks of it. Every time I’ve seen it, it’s been called The Gravitron, tho i hear it sneaks around under pseudonyms at some carnivals.

Ya get in this spacedisk-lookin’ thingie and you stand. No belts, no bars. This baby isn’t gonna jerk you around. Against the walls are long pads that can roll up and down. You’re supposed to lean against one.

When the ride begins, you don’t feel anything. You can’t tell from the inside that the disk is spinning fast.
Then, gradually, {depending of course upon the sobriety and constitution of the carnival worker of course}
you feel pushed up against the pad behind you. Your shirt presses to your chest, your hair flies back and sticks to the pad. Then your feet leave the ground as the surface rolls up the wall!

Less gravity with no dizzy sensation: now, that’s for me.

-wussy Mothra

Odds are good that this was the ultra-deluxe version of Sega’s arcade game Afterburner. It wasn’t really a flight simulator at all – the game simply consisted of blowing up as many enemy jets as possible while dodging their missiles. The cabinet didn’t even move in sync with the game, but simply swirled and twisted all over the place.

I can’t stand roller coasters myself (even simple ones), because I’m always afraid the cars will fly off the track at the next turn. On the other hand, I love simulator rides, though I’ve never been on one that actually flipped me upside-down. Shrug

Love roller-coasters. The higher, the faster, the more evil, the better.

Simulations, now…ugh. Just…ugh. Those things kick my ass.

I used to like spinny-rides, too. Sometime a few years ago, I turned into a wuss, apparently. No more Tilt-a-Whirl for me.

Yeah, I think it probably was. I do remember it was a Sega.

I love proper, traditional roller coasters - the old wooden jobs are the best. Most of the modern flip coasters are a bore, the ride is usually shorter than the ascent and breaking process.

What I hate, depise, and otherwise loathe are ferris wheels. You will not get me on one of those bastards again for love or money. The last time I took the dare and went on one the bugger broke and we all started wheeling around backwards until they could rig a break --shudder–.

Love rollercoasters and hate spinning rides because they make me nauseous. However, I always go on the damn spinning things - as soon as I’m strapped in, I remember how much I hate them, and as soon as I’m unstrapped, I forget again.

I hate them…partly because, like the OP, I’m small & skinny. The seat restraints are designed as one size fits all & aren’t usually adjustable. The one time I went on one, my back was black & blue for weeks from being thrown against hard plastic seats at xG. (That’s why I’m never going paintballing again either - I bruise easily. healing takes a hell of a lot longer). I actually went on the same ride twice, because I was the only english kid there (french exchange trip, & none of my friends could spring the day off school to go to an amusement park :)). Queued for 45mins to go on the ride, wnet on it, hated it, and my french pen friend & her friends loved it…so I went on it again to not let the side down :wink: (closest thing to patriotism I’ve ever showed in my whole life). I closed my eyes at the top of the first hill & screamed (on I’m sure it was just one breath) for the whole ride.

Never going again. I do like the old fashioned/kiddie rides though - carousels and things like that. Even simulators too.

I love roller coasters. Absolutely love them. The faster and more violent, the better. I went to Paramount’s King’s Dominion each of the last two Sundays, just for that rush, and am planning 3-5 more amusement park excursions this summer. Can’t wait!

I love roller coasters of all sorts, but I absolutely cannot stand rides that do nothing but flip you upside down. My idea of Hell is being stuck on the Zipper for all eternity. My ex-boyfriend got me to go on that ride once and took great delight in making the thing flip over and over and over. I hope he got permanent hearing loss from my screaming.

As for the OP, if you don’t like roller coasters and similar rides, there is nothing to be ashamed of, lots of people feel the same way you do. Don’t let your friends pressure you into going on rides you’re afraid of. True friends respect their friends’ wishes.