Rollerblade is merely a brand name. One which most IN-LINE SKATERS I know do not wear. It is IN-LINE SKATING. Learn it. There will be a test. The big player now is K2. I personally wear Oxygen. Great skates that I got cheap because they are going out of business (too bad). California Pro went out of business, but they sucked.

Rollerblade still is quite active. But the activity is IN-LINE SKATING.

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I usually call it rollerblading. Even if it isn’t the rollerblade brand name. It’s just easier to say. Or just “rollerskating”/“skating,” but that is more associated with (“laaaame”) non-inline skates.

Xerox this topic. You seem upset, have a Kleenex to dry your eye and help me find the Band-Aids and Post-Its.

“Inline skates” and “rollerblades” will both be understood, but the trademarked name just sounds a little cooler.

Lawmill’s got it right. Here, have a Coke… DrPepper ok?

Don’t forget the Popsicles.

I don’t here Xerox much anymore. Maybe it is because it is not the dominant copy machine maker anymore.

Duh, Sk8ers only drink Mountain Dew(yuck), where have you been? :slight_smile:

I saving Mountain Dew for when I finally get to skate off the sphinx.