Rolling Stones/Muddy Waters

I was listing to the Blue Channel on Sirius the other day. I heard a great cut. I thought the DJ said it was from a just released CD/DVD set. If I heard right, the Rolling Stones were in Chicago (1981?) and dropped in a blues club at which Bo Diddley was performing. The CD is the audio and the DVD the audio/video. I can’t seem to find anything like this on line. Again, I could be wrong on all/some of this, but figure someone here could help. Thanks in advance.

I guess you confused Bo Diddley with Muddy Waters, see here.

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Are you suggesting the OP doesn’t know diddley?

G-d, I wish I’d said that…:slight_smile:

Eric Clapton hung out with Muddy Waters.


Bo Diddley appeared with Rolling Stones in Miami on Voodoo Lounge tour.

I was named after a song of Diddley’s that the Stones covered. (My mom heard it on the radio and decided she liked the name. I was already born by then, they had been so convinced they were having a boy that they hadn’t picked a girl’s name.)

Fixed the thread title.

I saw the Voodoo Lounge in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I am totally confused now. Was what the OP heard The Stones playing with Muddy Waters? Did they also play with Bo Diddley at a different time?

That Stones & Muddy CD/DVD is very good, by the way. I bought it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it a lot. Details here.

Yeah, but Eric Clapton went out drinking with Muddy Waters.
He got drunk with him. Can you imagine two musicians doing that if they didn’t think each other were cool?
The mind boggles.

Judging from your name, I think that was Rod Stewart :slight_smile: