Roman Polanski Redux

Samantha Geimer, the victim, is pleading for the court to end the sex assault case against Roman Polanski.

She is asking the judge to either sentence him to the six weeks he already served, or just dismiss it outright.
The Deputy DA is having none of this because

, but Ms. Geimer says that the court is fine with putting victims and their wishes up front on display when they happen correspond when Prosecution wants to throw the book at the suspect, but

I think she might have a case here.

Every Polanski thread I’ve seen here has included someone bringing up Geimer’s “Can we just drop it?” stance. Not sure what new discussion you expect to get.

  1. This is the first time she has spoken up in court, with the judge saying he would take the matter under consideration, and

I want him punished for fleeing from justice, as well as for the original crime. He expressed the utmost contempt for our judicial system, and is still showing significant disrespect for it, thinking he can play bargaining games with it.

You want a hearing? Come back and face it, squarely and honestly. Plead your case before a judge.

This bullshit of “I won’t accept any judgement that goes against me” is…well, bullshit.

Polanski drugged and anally sodimized a teenage girl, was givena sweetheart plea agreement by prosecutors, then went on to display behavior that (in the opinion of the presiding jidge) indicatd a propensity to repeat the behavior. None of thses facts are in dispute by any party. He committed a crime and then fled to France to shield himself from extradition. Fuck him with Bill Cosby’s dick.

It is unfortunate that the victim was repeatedly dragged into the limelight by a press that continues to hound her long after she has expressed the desire to say no more on the topic, but prosecuting sexual predators is difficult in the most favorable evidential circumstances and I cannot fault prosecutors for wanting to see Polanski punished for the crime that even he admitted to.


Its pretty clear the Judge wanted his name in the papers when he threw out Polanski’s Plea deal and proposed to send him to jail for what? 50 years IIRC. But Polanski could have appealed that and it would probably have been allowed. He ran away.

I know there are many that want this to end due to the woman not wanting to pursue it, or due to the passage of time.

But lets review one more time. He drugged and anally raped a 13 year old child. Do you really want to just wave that away???

I don’t mind if any effort to extradite him ends. It hasn’t worked. But if he comes back the US he should be taken into custody. If there was any unfairness in his sentencing he can fight that out in court like anyone else would have to, it’s not like he was unjustly prosecuted in the first place. The current situation has let Polanski off with only minor inconvenience for the crimes he committed.

As for ending this for the victim, I have sympathy for her. I’m just not sure how to resolve the situation, simply dropping the case won’t result in less publicity about the incident that the victim seeks.

All i can conclude is that justice can not be achieved in this case, and that is mainly the fault of Polanski, though certainly aided by a judge and prosecutors who eschewed any less than ideal solution in favor of one that was inherently flawed itself. Perhaps dropping the jail time for the rape is acceptable as long as he faces the consequences for fleeing.

To be cynical, Geimer’s statements about ending the case against Polanski may be related to the large amounts of money he has allegedly paid her.

No, she doesn’t have a case when she states “…suddenly it’s the state not me that counts.”

The criminal trial was always the state against the rapist, not the victim against the rapist. This is compounded when the piece of shit fled the country to avoid facing justice.

What I really do not understand is, why won’t the countries he is living/traveling in Europe extradite him? Is the view in Europe that raping children is not a crime?

Well, attitudes about holding important people accountable and about rape generally have changed a lot… I’m sure that older attitudes do explain why he’s avoided serious pressure for extradition for much of the time since conviction.

My understanding is that he was safe from extradition while in France – as a French citizen. Every so often the US government gives it another shot, most recently last year from Poland: Poland will not extradite Roman Polanski to US, judges confirm | Roman Polanski | The Guardian . Did not succeed:

He spends most of his time in France and they don’t extradite French citizens. One of the countries he visits might but travel in Europe doesn’t require formal border crossings anymore so it’s not going raise any alert when he arrives.

It’s not about European attitudes about rape, it’s about the extradition process.

First, France. It’s nothing to do with attitudes to rape. Rather, it’s a constitutional right in France that a French citizen cannot be extradited. Instead, they provide that the requesting country should bring the evidence to a court in France, which will then conduct a trial of the French citizen. The California prosecutors have not tried that approach.

Next, Switzerland. The US tried to extradite him a few years ago when he was in Switzerland. The Swiss court found that the US had not provided all the documents about the case, including some sealed sworn testimony from earlier proceedings in the California courts about the plea bargain. The Swiss court found that it was not safe to extradite, given the incomplete record.

Third, Poland. The Polish court also found the missing documents to be concerning, and ultimately concluded that Polanski could not get a fair trial in the US, given the allegations against the former trial judge and the passage of time.

And frankly, if you want to talk about lax attitudes to rape, you should look at comments from some of Polanski’s supporters in the US entertainment community.

The worst was Whoopi Goldberg, who said that Polanski wasn’t accused of “rape-rape”.

Apparently in Whoopi’s view, when a famous 40ish movie director drugs a thirteen year old girl and then has vaginal and anal sex with her, when she’s saying “no”, it’s not really rape.

Why is he so focused on getting back into the US? It’s not like he’s going to get a warm reception here and he is a celebrated director outside the US.

My guess is that Goldberg is just opinionating without knowing the facts. I believe many people who aren’t familiar with the case think that the charges were based solely on the victims’s age. They think Polanski had sex with an underage girl but that it was consensual.

My guess is that he’s worried about his legal status. Just because he hasn’t been extradited up to now doesn’t mean some law couldn’t be changed and he could be arrested and sent back to America to face his punishment.

Here’s an earlier thread on this issue: US tries again to extradite Roman Polanski, this time from Poland. This issue came up. I took a look at the relevant section of the French Penal Code and found that the penalties for sexual assault / underage sex in France were more serious than the California law under which Polanski was charged.

See post # 8.

So France’s laws are even more strict. But he raped a girl in america, so no harm no foul I guess.