Rome for 24hrs. What to do?

My husband is making a crazy mileage run tomorrow to assure himself of Delta Platinum status next year. Rome happened to be the city that conveniently was the right cost/distance/seats available, etc. Last year, he also did a mileage run to Spain and just stayed in the airport for 3 hours before the return flight to the States. This year, he actually gets to sightsee for a bit.

So, any suggestions on what to do? He’s staying opposite the Porto Pia and near the Termini station. Via Veneto is 1 kilometer away from his hotel, and the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps are with 2 kilometers.

There are about a thousand gelato joints within stumbling distance of the Trevi Fountain. If it were me, I’d pull out a spoon and suck up all the sweet sticky goodness I could before I had to hoof it back to the airport!..TRM

Awesome. I told him he had to ask some American tourists to take pictures of him all by his lonesome. Truthfully, I think he’s just going to hole himself up in some cafe with internet and while away the time.

Wow, this makes me sad. Can’t the guy make a long weekend out of it? If I’m going to take that long of a flight, I’ll usually try to stay for at least 3 months (it helps to not have a job). I assume the guy is some super busy business traveler, but that’s just a damn shame. It’s been 30 years since I’ve been to Rome, but I’d at least try to make it over to the Colosseum, the Pantheon, or the Roman Forum. Unfortunately, I have no recollection on how to get to those places. At least hit up a hole in the wall trattoria.

If nothing else, definitely wander over to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

Yes, and particularly this one, very near the Trevi Fountain:

IMO it’s a good candidate for best ice-cream in the world.

If having gelato near the Trevi Fountain doesn’t have appeal I would suggest sipping wine while relaxing in Piazza Navonna or checking out the Pantheon.

Have the best coffee in the world (per the NYT) at Sant’Eustachio. And here’s a link to effusive praise. It’s just a couple blocks from the Pantheon so it’s not out of the way. (He is visiting the Pantheon, right?)

Go on the Hop On - Hop Off bus tour, bus’s circulate around the famous places all day, complete with commentary, you just get on and off at the places that interest you.

My favorite was having lunch in Trastavere and people-watching in Piazza Santa Maria.

I’ve been once and saw all the touristy stuff. If i went back, I would just eat. Lots of awesome, inexpensive food and wine.

More than enough time to be pickpocketed by gypsies.

Yeah, those gypsies. Hate 'em. It’s so nice I’ve finally found a group of people it’s okay to say really racist stuff about!

We all have our problems, I guess. Here’s some reading material you might enjoy while you’re working yours out.

I’ve been pickpocketed in Rome. Twice. Possibly by gypsies. And yet it didn’t turn me into a racist fuckwit! I know, incredible.

Here’s some reading material for you:

Europe’s Roma community still facing massive discrimination.
Italy fingerprints Gypsies.
Gypsy girls’ corpses on beach fail to put off Italian sunbathers.

But I suppose it’s okay, right? Because you got you pocket picked. Fucking dirty gypsies.

Has anyone had fun with gypsy pickpocketers and exploding decoy wallets?

In Rome there are two things that I’d say are unmissable - and seeing both is perfectly achievable within a few hours.

Forget the Trevi Fountain - really not much to look at and it’s a tourist trap. You could run past it just so you can say you saw it, on your way to the Pantheon, which is jaw-dropping - and there are plenty of gelato joints and cafes in its piazza.

And the Forum. If you have time, finish your trip there in the Colosseum, but it’s crowded, and while awesome, it’s only one thing; whereas the Forum is both free, and endlessly fascinating.

Every corner you turn in Rome has something wonderful to see. He should see if he can find some Bernini sculptures (they’re plentiful) to ogle. Buy some deli type items and have lunch near a fountain in the Piazza Navonna. I seem to remember a deli near there. Go look at the coliseum. Rome is full of great little restaurants.

BTW Piazza Navona cafes are huge ripoffs. Just a block or two away in any other, smaller piazza, and the price halves.

Never been to Rome, nor had my pocket picked. I was, however, born in the wagon of a travelin’ show.

Take a breath or two. You’re wasting a perfectly good hammer on this non-nail.

The Forum, alas, is no longer free. You can now only gain admittance with the ticket that also gets you into the Palantino and Coloseo.