Romney donor at Hamptons fundraiser feels sympathy for the common people.

Oh, I think we know how the systems work.

[Homer]Blade goes up, blade goes down. Blade goes up, blade goes down. Blade goes up, blade goes down.[/Homer]

Nannyshack was hilarious but the sequel sucked.

I’m mentally seeing Homer as Danton, with Mo as Robespierre.

The picture of the pro-Romney counter protestor is the best thing ever: an older white man wearing khaki shorts, white knee socks, and clutching a mahogany pipe between his teeth as he strides confidently from his ginormous SUV. I’m half certain he’s really an Obama supporter engaged in a bit of street theater.

Anybody else picturing Lucille Bluth and Greg’s mom from Dharma and Greg?

Afterwards, they all went to the Trans-Lux to hiss him.


I liked that one also. He’s like a walking cliche.

I did like Rachel’s theory tonight, which was that the people quoted were actually very deep cover Billionaires for Bush protesters.

You 99 percenters just wouldn’t understand.

Not at all sure I want to, truth be told.

I think the woman is spot on. After all, the common people don’t understand how to buy and sell $125,000 horses.

I hate Al Sharpton as only a New Yorker can. But he apparently did a dramatization of this, and it’s fairly funny.

I wasn’t. Is that, like, the newest slash fiction pairing?

I think we’ve just identified the perfect campaign song for Obama.

Sure we do. We just don’t understand why anyone would want to. Buy, at least.

And yet on this very board, many of the liberals are arguing that “common people” are too stupid to think for themselves and will be swayed by too many pro-GoP ads. I guess it’s ok for liberals to be condescending douchebags, huh?

Actually I think what’s happening is stupid Republicans are unable to understand said arguments and are thus doing a shit job of paraphrasing them.

You may now go back to boot-licking your Republican masters.

Who had 37 on the conservative tu quoque? Come down and collect your winnings!

Not all of them—just the severely stupid and/or lazy ones known as “swing voters.” As misfortune would have it, they end up being the most important.