Romney donor at Hamptons fundraiser feels sympathy for the common people.,0,4909639.story?track=rss&

I want to thank her for letting us know, through the reporter, that we don’t get it and shouldn’t strain our dear little heads trying to figure it out, but should just take her oh so educated and informed opinion as edict from on high and vote for her candidate. :rolleyes:

Honestly, it’s so ridiculous I’m not even sure if I believe it. Poe’s Law strikes again, I guess.

It certainly comes across like she’s just aghast that those nail ladies who are clearly so uneducated and ill informed (because, I guess they are (gasp) nail ladies) actually have the right to vote! I mean, can you imagine that!

I suspect her real concern is that the nail ladies of the world are starting to get a pretty good grasp on “how the system works” and they don’t really care for it so much.

Lay off, she was very selective in her disparaging remarks to college kids, baby sitters and nail ladies. She totally does not think that about gardeners, housekeepers, mechanics, drivers, personal shoppers, concierges, yoga instructors, pool boys, or stylists.

What about the caddies? Won’t anyone think of the caddies?

She’s kinda down on her college kid. Must still be angry he only got into his safety school.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever heard someone outside of a movie use the phrase “common person” in a non-sarcastic context.

I know a lovely lady, with a PhD in child psych who is a gasp nanny … she looks like a dumpy little grandmotherly type, sort of like Dr Ruth. She got tired of the scholarly grant feeding frenzy and push to publish, and decided to retire to take care of 4 kids. Money isn’t that fantastic, but it come with room and board and she doesn’t need much of anything else. She is much more relaxed now.

I bet she would love to give that lady a piece of her mind … perhaps not high income, but definitely not uneducated.:dubious:


I originally saw this story over on LGF, and I chuckled to myself. It kind of surprised me (my laugh, not really the story itself), and I couldn’t put my finger on why. I now realize, it’s the bolded part.

Some photos from the Hamptons fundraiser:

This is not really a discussion of the election; it is certianly not a debate.

I suspect that I can find a better home for it.

Off to The BBQ Pit.

And they have very sharp nails.

I’m getting to the point where, if you are a bigot, the rights you want to take away from others get taken away from you.

Like the old joke about a eugenics program where you ask people if they think that the unfit should be sterilized, and if they say “yes” you sterilize them.

It’s a discussion about a fundraiser which is raising funds for an election. It’s about the type of people who are contributing funds to that election.

But it’s no skin off of my nose, so whatever.

“I don’t think the common person is getting it. Nobody understands why Obama is hurting them.”


Guinevere, in Camelot, Lerner and Lowe

Well, lady, we used to take drugs and plot revenge. Most of us have given up drugs…

I don’t understand. Why (or, I think she meant to say, how) is Obama hurting me?

Well, it’s his fault the economy is so bad, right?

Also, for death panels and for taking our guns away. Any minute now.

She’s like the female version of Steven Cobert. Only except frighteningly, she’s not a parody.

And remember folks: Birds of a feather…