The Romney Tapes - thoughts as to how they'll affect the election?

In a fundraiser between the primaries and the convention, Romney had this to say about…

Obama Supporters:

Why his Dad should have been born Hispanic:

On his opinion of the ability of the American electorate to vote based upon the issues:

On the magical effect a Romney victory will have on the economy:

This, of course, when the DJIA is only 2% off its historic high. I also like how he can predict, then cannot predict, within 2 sentences.

To quote Mother Jones (a website I’ve never been to until today):

Assuming this video is true (and it seems genuine), think any of this will have an effect? I sure wouldn’t want to be Romney when Obama uses the “Well, you think half the country is a bunch of freeloaders, too ignorant to vote on issues” line on him during the debates.

I wonder if Paul Ryan is having second thoughts…

Yeah, I mentioned this in another topic on here. This, right here, could very well turn out to be the thing that definitively hands the election to Obama, as long as the Obama campaign uses this information effectively.

Credit to you as you were the one who brought this to my attention.

It’s gaining traction - this story leads Business Insider, and will liklely make the mainstream press once the souce can be verified.

This is why candidates do these kinds of secret donor meetings and why I hope there are audio recorders in every single one of them. If you say things like this about people behind their backs and only want donors to know your agenda, you deserve this. I’m not sure it’ll swing an election (you might remember Obama saying some undiplomatic things about conservative voters in 2008) but speaking this contemptuously about a big chunk of voters doesn’t help Romney’s image or make his “I will help your family” argument.

The nonsense about the market reminds me of all the speculative garbage we heard in early 2009 about the markets hating Obama because the stock exchanges generally didn’t do well in his first weeks or months in office. Of course the markets then recovered and instead of a lot of “the market loves Obama!” stories, we got silence. The idea that the stock market trades around a president is ridiculous and it’s disingenuous for Romney to suggest a vote for him is going to bring about a relief rally and mass profits. That’s a little bit like saying ‘vote for me and you’ll make a lot of money.’ I’m doubtful that Romney or his supporters believe that.

I haven’t read his book; does he actually talk about policy in it? I’ve heard a lot of criticisms of him because he doesn’t talk about policy. He tries to say he’d be better than Obama at foreign policy and the economy but since he doesn’t say specifics, you can only guess how. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a quote about how he’ll talk about specifics only once he’s elected.

Does Romney seriously believe that all poor people vote Democratic?

Maybe I’m just cynical, but I don’t find any of the statements in the OP particularly shocking for someone running for President. Of course Democrats want to keep living of the government’s teat. Of course business and the financial industry will spontaneously orgasm if Romney is elected. I’m not sure why this is more damaging than the lies about Obama’s changes to welfare work rules or his refusal to provide tax returns or any of the other damaging things he’s done in this campaign.

Yeah, like I said in the other thread, the stuff in here is appealing to Romney’s GOP and Tea Party base, but beyond that it’s downright inflammatory to average voters. This just further cements the widespread notion that Romney is an out-of-touch rich guy who feels entitled to the presidency based solely on his rich-guy-mentality; independent voters are going to be turned off en masse once this shit comes to their attention.

Sure, he just defines “poor” differently than you do.

Romney probably doesn’t, but he may think that’s how his donors feel. It seems consistent with Republican rhetoric at this point.

I’m sure he does, that line of thinking is part of the Fox News standard pundit playbook, and I’ve met lots of conservatives who feel that Democrats garner votes by promising government cheese to lazy people. I don’t think that clip is going to hurt him, although it is a bit disgusting.

As for the rest of it, he’s basically juts being honest, and I actually find it refreshing. Would he have a better shot at being elected if he were part hispanic? Undoubtedly yes. Is that smart to say out loud? Perhaps not, but it’s true. Will the markets respond favorably to a candidate who’s largely seen as being better on economic issues than Obama? Absolutely. Will that help the economy at large? Meh. It will help the stock market, but I’m not sure that’s a concern for most Americans. Do intellectual discussions win elections? Ask Al Gore.

Most interesting to me is that part about not insulting moderates who voted for Obama. That’s actually the sort of smart gamesmanship that I like to see in a politician. It’s the sort of strategic political maneuver that helps put policies in place, and helps with foreign policy. I don’t think Romney can or will out-game Obama, but I think that clip was smart.

He wouldn’t be the nominee. He’d be someone else’s token VP candidate.

The markets don’t react to how people are “largely seen.” They respond to what people think is going to happen, and the election of a president with one set of policies or another is only one of those. Nobody expects Romney to magically fix the world economy if he gets elected, so there’s not going to be some kind of enormous marketwide rally if he wins. And then there’s the matter of what his policies would actually do for th eeconomy (hint: slashing the federal budget).

It’s really dumb considering where the stock market is historically. Here is a link to a chart showing that the DJIA is currently at 95%+ of its all-time high.

The above is not adjusted for inflation, but it shows that the “market” isn’t really waiting for a Romney victory…

The majority of them do. Democrats simply kill Republicans with people who make less than $30K per year.

If I was one of those donors I wold be thinking, “Wow, with Obama automatically getting 47% I am not giving this loser one dime. Senate and House races here I come.”

Check out how the low-income Social Security elderly retired vote. Those moochers vote heavily GOP.



Yes, you’re profoundly cynical, and completely out of touch with Democratic voters. Like Romney.

Because they directly insult the people that he’s trying to win over. His lies, if believed, don’t insult them.