Romney For President Announces Black Leadership Council.

I can’t do anything but giggle at this.

“Excuse me Mr. Romney, I speak Jive.”

Just in the nick of time!

Well I was expecting it to be an all white council. I have to give Romney credit for going out of his way to find some color, but oh boy did he find some winners.

Representative Tim Scott (SC-01) First term congressman who refuses to be on the National Black Caucus. He also believes Obama should be impeached for um reasons?

Representative Allen West (FL-22) One of our favorite Tea party lunatics, with a long list of accomplishments in crazy.

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, I don’t know much about her other then sitting second seat to Rick Scott which in itself is pretty crazy. Rick Scott’s first choice refused the job. Otherwise unlike the other 2 she seams qualified for the position.

Yet another example of that “leadership” they’ve been nattering on about lately.

Doesn’t hurt to try, I guess.

Yea, the bit says “Romney for President today announced its Black Leadership Council. In the months to come, this group will help…”

One way or another, Romney for President is only going to be a going concern for less then two months. There aren’t any “coming months” for its Black Leadership council to work whatever magic its supposed to work.

Also seems kinda cold to leave out poor Michael Steele. They could’ve at least put him on as an adviser.

The white guys have been instructed to blend in.

Boy, that’s one big pool of “Who?” lead by some proven crazy. I can’t wait to see what advice they give the Romney campaign.

In fairness, I’m fairly certain that Obama also has “leadership councils” that have no actual input to the campaign, beyond window dressing.

A waste of time. Blacks-- moreso than probably any other group in the U.S.-- are a monolithic voting bloc. Aside from the Democrats launching a nuclear strike against every major city in the U.S., and probably not even then, the overwhelming majority of Blacks will simply vote for the Democratic candidate, in this case Obama, least because he’s (half) Black.

They seem to have adopted the policy of pretending that he doesn’t exist. If this was the old Soviet Union, they’d be airbrushing him out of photographs.

The decades of white racism from the Republican party don’t exactly hurt the Democrats either. Most blacks aren’t foolish enough to vote for their enemies, and the Republicans are their enemies.

Santorum was right; smart people avoid the Republican Party.

How black do you have to be before pointing out mixed heritage is no longer necessary? 3/4? 7/8? 15/16?

I’ve been over this once before, but Blacks have been overwhelmingly voting Democrat for the last eighty or so years.

But college graduates don’t.

I don’t know. A better question would be why if you’re mixed with Black and White you’re considered Black and not White.

Shouldn’t the answer be whatever the person self-identifies as, rather than what anyone else pins on them?

No. 1/2 + 1/2 != 1/2 , no matter how many times you say it to yourself.

Are you talking to me?

What makes you think this is so? People at large only consider you what you look like. You could be 3/4 black but if you have blonde hair, blue eyes and delicate features, no one will either believe you, or acknlowlege your blackness either way. I have a lifetime of personal experience on this issue.

And moreover, in the US, if you don’t “look white” even if your mother is, people won’t consider you white.

About one drop or so.