Romney speaks ... again

I think this is a pretty sad statement. When Nixon did things that were about 1/10th of what Trump has done, enough Republicans stood up and said, no more. Were they all Democrats?

Just because you’re part of a political party doesn’t mean you should do whatever that party says, even if it harms your country, even it it means you have a criminal as president who does whatever he wants. Anyway, this conversation is pretty unproductive, so bye!

You are dismissing the fact that they aren’t confirming a Republican, they are confirming a conservative. Even though you think the two are one in the same , they are not. Republicans probably all want a conservative on the bench, regardless if they align with a current Republican President.

If they were not conservative, then they would likely not be a Republican.

Democrats would want to appoint a more liberal judge to the bench, in lieu of a conservative one.

How can you disagree with any of this?

I don’t disagree with any of this, and I have no idea why you think I would. It has nothing to do with what I’m saying, and you keep saying “they” when I’m only talking about Romney. You’re clearly not reading my actual posts, so I’m really done with you in this thread.

You can substitute “they” for ANY if it would help you understand.

Romney is a part of the “they”, they being conservatives.

I was really responding to what I understood to be the question of what ideals aren’t racist dog whistling. Sure, there may be Democrats that fit the bill, but the Democratic party doesn’t stand for the things I mentioned above, and if those were my hot-button issues I wouldn’t expect the current Democratic Party to make them a priority. I can probably find a pro-life Democrat somewhere, but that doesn’t a pro-life platform make.

I wasn’t saying Nixon doesn’t represent traditional Republican ideals, but the exact nature and nuance evolves over time. I’d have to check to be sure, but I’m willing to bet that LGBTQ equality wasn’t in the Democrats’ 1970 (or probably even 1990) platform. Clinton signed the now much maligned crime bills… Things aren’t static.

What is clear is that Republicans have, in the 50 some-odd years since Nixon, moved steadily toward obliging and even welcoming the support of Russians and white nationalists over offering collegial compromise to their more liberal, progressive or Democratic American citizens.

Mitt Romney is no exception. He may say pretty words, but his actions are almost always in support of Republican goals – no matter how odious. The only time he makes an exception is when it won’t make any difference to whatever outcome Republicans are pursuing.


It’s not necessary to personalize your arguments by inferring your opponent has their “panties in a bunch.”

Yeah, Mitt needs to put his vote where his mouth is and not vote to confirm.

Naw, there were some decent ones back in Nixons day. They went in and told Tricky Dick to resign.

abortion, climate change? Nope, most of the nation is solidly on the Dems side for this. Gun control? They’d have to come out for very mild- increased background checks, banning new sales of assault weapons, etc.

The sooner you see this as less an Us vs Them issue and that both sides are bad (differences of degree) and that both are after power and big money, the sooner we can all stop being so divisive and come together for the greater good.

This is exactly what the Kremlin is preaching- both sides are bad, dont bother to vote. It is total and complete bullshit.

Here is 2020 you actually have a Axis vs Allies - the side of Democracy (flawed tho it may be) vs Evil Totalitarianism. Sure you can look at FDR and Churchill and see flaws, but Hitler and Tojo are just pure evil. trump is pure evil also. Not quite on the level of Hitler or Tojo, but give him another term, and I will be we get damn close. We already have concentration camps for the 'evil rapists who come to steal our jobs and are too lazy to work".

When it became clear their own jobs were in jeopardy.

Which I suppose would be what the Kremlin says, if I bothered to say don’t vote (which I didn’t)
Exactly the opposite, voting is THE means to get our voices heard.

OTOH, if our voices are being drowned by big money, the solution isn’t to stop talking, the solution is to silence the big money.

I’ve often wondered if they would have done that if Watergate had happened in Nixon’s first term. They might have decided to dig in their heels and help Their Boy get re-elected.

As it happened, they may have decided amongst themselves, “Why blow that much political capital on a guy who’s going to be gone in two years?”