Romney's Work for Welfare Ad

I’ve seen this ad playing in Florida.

What strikes me as remarkable is that that the ad opens with a picture of President Clinton and talks about how President Clinton and a bi-partisan congress created Welfare reform and how President Obama is trying to eliminate the work requirements.

I don’t know if this is true, but is strikes me as a lot smarter than most campaign ads I’ve seen and much more likely to appeal to independent voters.

It’s 100% fact free. It’s apparently aimed at “low information voters” such as yourself.

Possibly they made these with the knowledge that Ryan would be picked, so it would look like a Tu Quoque when someone points out that Ryan himself fought against work requirements.

Keep the insulting comments in the Pit and out of this forum.

Huge throbbing lie.

It’s a “smart” ad, in that lying often works. But like most of Romney’s campaign, it’s just not true.

I read the politifact description and calling it pants-on- fire seems to be an exaggeration. The key is in how HHS actually grants the waivers. It looks to me like that they could gut TANF if that is their intent. The trouble is when you put more power in the hands of executive departments, then you are at the mercy of the people who appoint the executives. It is a matter of whether you trust the people administering the program and the people who appoint the administrators.

That’s why Obama is putting out a video saying Romney denied healthcare to religious people. While the UHC legislation Romney signed as Governor of Massachusetts didn’t call for that explicitly, he did appoint administrators who could do that.

Where are they getting all these jobs for welfare bums to take? Don’t have enough work to go around as it is, now people on welfare are going to supply labor for free?

Using Clinton is smart to get through to those independent voters who still think fondly of him. However, it could backfire. Clinton will be speaking at the Dem convention. Romney ads that raise Clinton up now give him more stature and will make it sting even more when Clinton slams Romney in his speech.

It’s just a dodge to slash any kind of safety net. They know they won’t be able to find work, but it is a pretext to cut benefits to millions. Oh, and they are forbidden to sleep under bridges as well.

Back when I had a brush with the Public Aid system a few years ago they said they used to make people do volunteer work if they couldn’t find paying work but they were no longer doing that as they had run out of volunteer jobs. In other words, there was a gut of free labor, you couldn’t give it away.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo glad I have a full time paying job again…

It certainly seems to be saying that it can but it won’t, and just the assertion that it can seems to be a policy change. It also notably cites to Nevada as one of the states asking for waivers, and Nevada has certainly asked for a moratorium on the work requirements for some TANF recipients, and that other TANF recipients be assessed on whether they have moved closer to work readiness, rather than on being employed.

So the ad seems to me to be a overstatement, and HHS presumably now won’t grant those waivers requested by Nevada, because then it would be vindicating Romney’s ad. The criticism of the ad similarly seems overstated, however.

So Mitt is bitching about states being granted the same type of waiver that he asked for when he was governor of Massachusetts? Got it.

That was before the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot of Romney.

Par for the course for a campaign that has taken outright lying to new levels.

I had the same thing happen here. I’m a student at the moment, but I do like volunteering. I moved out of one charity shop, applied to another and was informed I was 40th on a waiting list (haven’t heard back from them). I’m guessing they give priority to people for whom volunteering is contingent on their receiving welfare.

More like a Crisis of Today’s Poll Numbers reboot of Romney.

Mickey Kaus has been on this and the ad is not a lie. Its not 100% the truth, but it should have at least got a Half True rating.

The ad is certainly close enough to the truth by normal standards of politics. The administration is loosening work requirements, or sorry, making them more flexible.

Well, if that’s Mickey Kaus’ opinion, then that’s certainly good enough for me. Mickey Kaus is clearly a wise and impartial judge of these things.

…at the request of the governors asking for the change, right? Giving more power to the states, including those those with Republican governors, including Romney himself, when he was governor of Massachusetts – that’s certainly anathema to Romney/Ryan.