Ron Paul jumps shark, accuses it of being sent by Illuminati

Ron Paul got a lot of support from libertarian-minded voters and people who would not normally consider voting Republican. When he failed to secure a nomination, it might be thought that the logical choice would be to support Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate. While Barr is not a great libertarian (not that Paul is much better, being anti-abortion and not terribly gay friendly), having been a strong proponent of the drug war until he somehow changed his mind, it would seem that Paul should decline to support any candidate if he wasn’t happy with Barr’s politics. Paul did just that for awhile, seeking greater recognition for the four main third party candidates.

Now he has made his decision. He is supporting Chuck “Republicans are godless liberal faggots” Baldwin. Paul seems to have decided he is on the Libertarian “crazy wing,” supporting this theocratic, 9-11 Truther, believer in the New World Order and North American Union myths, and proponent of if you get raped it’s your own damn fault.

If you supported Paul in the primaries or elsewhere, does this affect your opinion of him? Is he still relevant as the most visible proponent of libertarian government?

Anyone who is surprised by this hasn’t really paid attention to Ron Paul over the years- two of his main allies have been the John Birch Society and Gary North. I actually only found out about Baldwin last night (having spent an hour on his personal/church site & his campaign site after reading of Paul’s endorsement). Alan Keyes’ America’s Independent Party looks moderate by comparison.

Hey, Ron Paul’s not an anything-goes hippie; he’s an advocate of stripping the USA back to pre-Cold War levels of federal power. The Constitution Party fits him, probably better than the Libertarians.

This really ought not be any surprise to, well, anyone.