Rooftop cargo baskets

For my 2009 Subaru Forester.

I have looked at Yakima, Thule, and Moline? and so far the Thule MOAB is winning, But I have several questions:

Can I leave the rack on the car all the time (a place to store it is a problem)?

Does a rooftop basket affect gas mileage horribly?

I have the factory roof rails but I sold the crossbars when the car was new (I was not going to use them), how long should the new crossbars be?


I would search for a message board specific to your car. I’ve found that people who like Subarus tend to be pretty vocal about it and also tend to like the outdoors (and so maybe more likely to have roof carriers), and so I’ll bet there are several message boards out there that have discussions going about roof and luggage racks. Too bad you sold the crossbars.

Your mileage will drop noticeably. We leave our ski rack on year-round and that alone has dropped our mileage by about 1 mpg on an already-boxy car.