Roots showing

Lately I’ve been seeing people (all genders) with obviously dyed hair, except for about an inch of un-dyed roots showing, even at formal events.

Is this a new fashion trend?

“New”? I’ve been seeing it for years. It’s so old it doesn’t even count as a trend.

Gotta agree with Nava. Been going on since the '80’s…at least. The “shame” associated with dying your hair has, well, died. So no one cares much. (My high school yearbook [1987] photo features me with at least three different hair colours depending on how I had dyed it that month. And yet people still asked me if it was natural :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah, the Vegemite stripe is nothing new - but it’s still damned horrible. So’s the whole ‘dying one’s hair platinum blonde when one has dark brown eyebrows’ thing because it makes one look strangely sly and gives one a harsh forehead but people still do that anyway. Money can’t buy taste or fashion sense.

I’ve got medium blonde hair naturally, and I highlight it. I completely freak when my roots are noticeable (which is why I highlight…roots are less noticeable for a longer time). The ones that REALLY kill me are GRAY roots. My girlfriend will get a good three inches going sometimes. Oh. My. God…it’s just awful!

I let my hair grow out for nearly a year (red-auburn dye, natural tone more auburn-brown) because I was worried that the dye process might be contributing to making my hair fall out. Therefore, I sure as hell wasn’t going to even try to dye the already-dyed part to match my roots.

Will you believe one of my old classmates is like that naturally? And both my brother and me have somewhat-reddish hair but anthracite eyebrows. I figured years ago that since anyway people will think I dye, I might as well go and do it (only in the winter, to keep my hair the same color it gets naturally in the summer)

But, but…I can’t afford to get my hair touched up at the slightest sign of a gray root. My hair grows too fast!

For the same reason, I can’t afford to be blonde. I can’t stand the dark roots, light hair. And now on me that would be blonde with dark roots and gray roots. The horror!

Aren’t there root touch-up kits out there? I think I’ve seen them on tv or somewhere.

OK, so here’s a question: I have shoulder-length hair (which took me slightly less than forever to grow out), and after some goofing around with various dye jobs (both home and salon) I’d like to let it return to its normal color, which is (at last check) medium brown with about 15% gray. At my last salon visit, I had the stylist try to approximate my natural color with a bit of highlighting, but when that started growing out, I colored it at home with a temporary kit that kinda-sorta matches my root color. So of course I still have “roots showing,” as it were. So what’s the best way to grow it out without chopping everything off and starting over? I don’t mind a little variation while it grows out, but I don’t want to look like a clown either.

I would “highlight” the new color into it, and use smaller pieces of hair each time til it looks like it’s blended to the correct shade. As far as the gray, some people (my other friend, for instance) highlight that out, as well. It’s never completely gone, but it isn’t outrageously gray, either.

I have medium brown hair that I get colored a darker brown every 8 to 10 weeks or so. I’ve found that the John Frieda Glaze is perfect the last couple of weeks before I go to the salon–it’s very mild, blends in the roots, and covers the gray so that I look like I have highlights.

Hm, I may have to develop a new skill; I’m extremely clumsy when it comes to handling my hair. (I have four hairstyles: down, ponytail, barrette, hat.)

I probably should have mentioned that I don’t care about covering up the gray; in fact, that’s why I grew it out from a very short cut. My mother and her sisters all have naturally beautiful shiny silver hair. (But only my mother leaves it natural; the other two dye it. Too bad for them, as my mother always gets comments on her color, as well as on her natural curls. But I digress.) I’ve always thought that long silver hair is very pretty, and me want! Someday. It’s going to be a strange mental transition because I’ve always thought of myself as having dark coloring, and I have a habit of coloring my hair in auburns and burgundies and purples. But eventually I’m going to have to give that up (Wah!) if I want my flowing silvery mane.

I have absolutely no idea what color my real hair is anymore and I have no intention of ever finding out. Probably dye it until I’m 90. I really hate seeing my roots with a passion.