Rosanjin Scholar?

On the TV show “Iron Chef”, one of the frequent judges is identified as a “Rosanjin Scholar”. What is that a study of?

Rosanjin, of course. Sheesh.


Seriously, the person you are refering to is Hirano Masaaki. Read his bio at is for sale | Apparently, Rosanjin was a cook who also made his own ceramics:

It’s so hard to tell on that show how much is genuine culinary history and how much is TV fabrication. But oh how I love it.

Another thing mentioned on IRON CHEF a lot is konyaku. Does anybody know what this is? Even the Internet isn’t very helpful.

Konnyaku is the devil’s phlegm (in my opinion). Well, maybe not that bad, but I’ve eaten more appetizing stuff.

It’s a gelatin made from a root called the Konnyaku root (very helpful, I know), also known as Devil’s tongue. It’s doesn’t have a lot of calories, is supposed to be very healthy, and is used in a lot of different ways. There are clear konnyaku noodles, jelly candies made with konnyaku and fruit flavoring, and solid chunks of the stuff as an ingredient in various boiled dishes, to name a few.

Here’s an Iron Chef site with a description of the konnyaku battle: