Rose Bowl

I am watching the game between Wisconsin and TCU. Looking at the crowds in the stands, they are perfectly segregated between red and purple, the team colors. I have never in my life seen this. How is it that almost everyone is in either red or purple, and that each side is distinctive?

Maybe someone in the Game Room will know.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

Fans of both teams will move heaven and earth to attend.
It’s traditional (and smart) for fans of each team to be seated on one side only.

They’ve had 97 years to perfect it.

Since Wisconsin fans (or TCU fans) are consolidated into half the stadium, the density of their team colors is greater, making it more noticeable. Not sure why they decided to consolidate the fans. I’ve also never seen that, though I haven’t watched the Rose Bowl too much in the last decade.

As far as the game, Since TCU didn’t go all Hawaii on us, I’d sure like to see them play the winner of the January 10th game. I’m not convinced that game features the two best teams in the country.

Each university gets about half the tickets alotted to them and those seats are all grouped together. Alumni and fans get their tickets from their school and therefore all sit together. The Rose is the most traditional and fan friendly of all the bowls and wearing your colors is a key part of the event. This is not a obnoxious corporate event like the Super Bowl. This situation isn’t unique to the Rose Bowl but it probably executes it the best and it always the best attended by alumni.

Thanks for all the feedback, Dopers. Happy New Year.

I think one reason this looks so unique is that most fans must have worn purple or red. I’m a Gator Alum, and at games we’ll wear Orange, or Blue, or White, mostly. So it’s not as uniform.

Think about other two tone teams and you probably also get slightly less uniformity. It did look cool, plus purple is not the most common color so that was interesting.

Since USC is in the game 75% of the time it’s usually not as even either.

It looked like a Wisconsin v. Northwestern game.

Except for the part where the guys wearing purple won the game…