Roseanne doing a comedy tour next year

I wonder how many tickets she sells. I guess she will still have fans that don’t care about her latest outbursts.

What is strange is so far I only see one stop on her tour, in my area of Raleigh so that’s why I know about her tour.

Let the market decide. If people are willing to pay to see her then I don’t see a problem with it. I’d pay to see Louis CK right now and I hope he makes a comeback, even if it’s only in the arena of stand-up.

I agree 100% if people are willing to pay for tickets to see her I don’t have a problem . I also don’t have a problem if venues don’t want to book her - that’s the market at work too. ABC fired her but that was their right too but she can try to make a living however she can.

Yes, the poor thing needs to make a living :(…her doghouse, if she has one, probably costs more than a tRump level trailer. She just wants to keep her big fat ugly face in the public eye, what ELSE is she going to do with herself? What happened to the ‘journey to Israel’, did they kick her out?

I assume she does not need to make a living , she should have enough cash to retire. But lots of very wealthy people continue to work. I don’t think anyone is forced to buy tickets to her shows.

Plenty of MAGAs will buy her tickets.