Roseanne (the character) dies of ... OPEN SPOILERS AHEAD

I called it! According to Roseanne herself, her character died of an opiate overdose between the seasons.

So no, they probably won’t sue for malpractice and get rich, she didn’t become a successful writer and leave them, no one won the lottery… she was a victim to her addiction.

Opiate overdose/death seems like the most obvious way to resolve her character.

The back story was well established last season.

Opiate use is a trendy evil drug these days. Just Say No! We’ll them it featured in other shows too.
It’s the eighties all over again.

I love how Roseanne Barr is trying to make this a big whinefest about how insulting her character’s death is. Some gibberish about how the writers were using this to make a slap at Trump supporters.

Insulting would be making her character die by choking during a pie eating contest or something.

I knew open spoilers were bad, but I didn’t know you could die from them. :eek:

I always thought it would be Ambien.

What? Not stabbed by a crazed liberal socialist communistic democrat? They missed an opportunity there.

Preferably someone from the Muslim Brotherhood & the Planet of the Apes.

I’d have thought Fentanyl would be a way to off her, its taken out quite a few celebs

It would be funnier if she drowns in a bowl of chicken soup.

That’s why I pointed out that possibility 3 weeks before the OP “called it”. :smiley:

Agreed. Also if Roseanne Barr supposedly to have zero creative or financial (beyond that big onetime payoff) how the hell does she even know how Roseanne Connor dies?

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Please. The only proper way for her to go out is to die in a car crash caused by an illegal alien.

I’d have gone in a more meta direction if I was the director.

Example: Roseanne wins first prize at the Lanford County Fair Pie Eating Contest. The prize is singing the national anthem at the season opening game of their local minor league baseball team, the Lanford Ludites.

The crowd becomes incensed upon hearing Roseanne’s horrendous rendition of the anthem. Boos and jeers ensue. [Cut to team members grimacing in disgust and one by one taking a knee] … [cut to Dan and the rest of the Conners shrugging and looking embarrassed].

Mid-way through the song, cut to a drunk in the stadium [played by Tom Arnold] who grabs a can of Lanford Lite Beer from his cooler and hurls it toward the singer. [Slo-mo the can tumbling through the air].

The can connects with Roseanne’s forehead. She falls backward with an audible thump flat on her back like a fallen redwood and later dies at the hospital from massive cerebral hemorrhage.

When the telemetry monitor flatlines, Dan looks to the rest of the family and asks, “who wants pizza?” [fade away: “I want pepperoni” … “I want sausage” … “I want anchovies …].

A very special episode, indeed.

Episode 2: Dan Hooks Up With Nancy [Sarah Bernhard]

Someone knows, right? Maybe they told her.

Assuming this is on the level, I don’t know why they didn’t just have her die on the table during her knee surgery. They pretty much set that up as the season-ending cliffhanger anyway.

I wonder if they will bring Johnny Galecki back? He needs a job. It might bring in some new viewers.

An illegal alien, Pedro Gonsalez, leader of the Bad Hombres gang and played by Danny Trejo, breaks into Roseanne’s home. They have a big firefight through the house but, because Roseanne’s AR-15 doesn’t have high-capacity magazines, she runs out of ammo and is killed.

Then a Harvard-educated black lawyer from Chicago gets the killer off with a temporary insanity defense by arguing that he was on Ambien.

Big Bang Theory still has a full season left, and I doubt they can afford Galecki as more than an occasional guest star.

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Beaten to death by baseball bat wielding neo-Nazi punks was my hope - oh well…

I really liked the OLD Roseanne show. Not saying I am a huge fan of Ms Barr but the show was good, and relevant.

Same with the new show, and I am even less of a fan of Ms Barr now. That being said I WILL watch The Conners because I very much Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert and John Goodman and think they will do a good job without Roseanne.

I don’t think Roseanne has a clue to how they remove her from the show…she is simply doing what she seems to do best, blowing out hot air.