Rosenbaum THIS!

I’m sick of that damn Chicago Reader ad banner. What the hell kind of quote is that: “He’s one of the best. . .” WHAT?

One of the best

. . .ways to bore a reader to death?
. . .sheep-herders?
. . .male prostitutes I’ve ever had?

You go to hell, Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Oh, yea! I agree. How dare the people who lease the bandwidth, buy and maintain the software, and put together the product we all use try to recoup some of the costs by advertising?

It’s outrageous, I tell you! I demand that this site remove all advertising immediately and start charging real live cash money for access.

Oh, don’t like that idea too much, do you, Sake? Well than shut up and click through. In fact, click through twice.

Damn, for the level of service this site provides, you should write to every major studio and inform them that you will refuse to see a movie unless the Chicago Reader tells you it’s worth your time and money.


Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Adds another meaning to the “Godard on Rosenbaum” part.

. . . Oh, and here I thought this was going to be an anti-Semitism thread . . .

Clearly you have neither a firm grasp of my OP, nor humor in general. I said absolutely nothing about advertising banners in general, just that specific one.

It seems you have issues.

I know one thing I’m sure you have a firm grip on though!

Hmmm… the question itself and Sake’s response sound a bit trollish to me… judges?

Hmmph. Now I’ll have to rethink. Maybe they should make this a pay-per-access site. It would at least have the advantage of weeding out the irritating, childish weasels whose idea of a flame is a jerk-off joke learned on usenet. Or on a second-grade playground.

I got your OP just fine. Your OP (and presumably your alleged humor) was that the main advertiser and nearly-sole revenue source for a site that I happen really to enjoy was pissing you off. And rather than following the link to find out what they’re getting at (or, God forbid, upgrading your freaking browser – the banner rolls, you know), you decided to insult that revenue source here.

Not to yourself, but to everybody.

Not in a private email to the advertiser, but out where it could embarrass the sponsor.

Not in a private email to the moderators, but in the Pit.

You wanted to rant in public. So what, specifically, is your suggestion? Should the SDStaff go to Parentco and suggest they change the ad?

Please. Get a real job sometime, Utopia-boy. The guy who writes the check writes the ad. When asked to change it, they just might stop placing it altogether. Betcha that’s why we don’t see the Quokka ad anymore.

Doubtless, there is out there somewhere some person trying to sell banner space for this message board. And when potential clients check out the site, what do they see? You. Whining about seeing the same ad too often. Would you sign up?

I consider you to be a direct threat to the fiscal health of an on-line community that I happen to think should flourish. And yea, that gets my ire.

As banners, go, the one at issue is among the best on the net. Why?

It’s not in weird colors, flashing all over the place.
It doesn’t lie and promise me free money.
It doesn’t creep (an annoying thing you’ll discover when you do that browser upgrade we discussed)
It takes up essentially no bandwidth, and loads quickly.
It supports a good site.
The product it’s “selling” is itself free.
Jonathan Rosenbaum is in fact among the better reviewers in the country.

So you don’t like the text? Don’t read it. But click through anyway. And find something else to worry about. Perhaps you could do something about that guy trying to spread misinformation in General Questions under the guise of “my friend says…”.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

You are really proving that you don’t understand my OP. Since no one can be THAT dense - I assume you’re baiting me.

Let me state this clearly for you: I have nothing against ad banners as revenue generators. I just think that particular quote is funny and silly. It hardly makes me want to visit the site (which is the sole purpose of the ad). And I never complained that I was seeing the ad too often.

And my inane jerk-off comment was also meant as funny and silly directed toward you - the type of person I despise. If you wish to take it as a serious challenge - that’s your insecurity, but it’s just fine by me, we’re in the Pit already.

Wow, you misunderstood that thread, too! I think it’s abundantly obvious that I’m trying to get the facts, not spread some sort of conspiracy agenda. I even ended the thread by agreeing that the issue was goofy.

You need to read it again.

God! You’re just over-the-top aren’t you. Stop posturing and read, re-read, and read-again before hitting that blue “Reply” button.

A little touchy to be in the Pit, aren’t you, chief?

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Just doing my part in the fight against ignorance. You are truly a worthy adversary.

Without dipping into the morass of name-calling, I do need some clarification, Sake.

Were you just throwing out a one-liner? Or do you have a serious problem with the ad?

If the former, were you just hoping to be funny or were you trying to elicit a flaming response?

If the former, I think you might have posted in MSPIMS instead of the pit.

But since we are in the pit, I liked the ad. As Manhattan said, it’s not offensive and doesn’t involve any Stupid Java Tricks ™.


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

Don’t bait me andros.

I prefer well-constructed frontal attacks.

No one here (well, Flora & mojo excepting) seems to have read the original posting.

I will clarify Yet Again, and for the Last Time:

I have no problem with the banner other than the stupid quotes written upon it.

I’ll give you an analogy:

President Clinton goes to the African continent and is quoted saying, “I think what this area needs, desperately, is to be connected to the Information Superhighway. Internet Access is the key to this area’s long-term growth.” (sort of close to his actual words)

I then post to this board critizizing this quote. I say, “Boy, what dreamland is Clinton living in that he thinks Internet access is more important to these people then basic medical supplies and education. I mean many african schools have one or two books and don’t have pencils and he wants to buy them a couple Pentiums and a T1 connection?”

After I post this, manhatten will jump on me for daring to attack the Presidency of the United States of America because it is a Sacred Institution and without it people like me wouldn’t even be living in this great free country of ours!

Talk about missing the point!

sigh. I shouldn’t do this. But, let’s go.

Ummm . . . bite me. More on this in a bit.

Oh, excuse me. Bite me frontally.

Sake, you didn’t say that in your OP.
You said, paraphrased, “what the fuck’s up with that.” Don’t backpedal and claim your post said something it didn’t.

No, you didn’t do that either. You shot out a one-liner that was very funny but said about dick.

Now, who’s baiting whom here, SakeSam-I-Am?

If you want a fight, fine. If you want to troll for flames, be my guest–there are plenty of us who will rise to it for lack of any better entertainment.

Otherwise, you have 3 choices:

1)Post things like this in MPSIMS,
2)support your post with something resembling logic, or
3)expect to be flamed.

In closing, bite me.


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

I like choices.

In looking over the threads on these boards I’ve noticed that one of the most used retorts is “this belongs on some other board”. If you think my posting is mundane, that’s fine - don’t reply to the damn thing, it will get ignored and slowly drop off the page.

Anyway, if this belonged on MPSIMS so does a ton of other threads (e.g., Things I like about McDonald’s, Library Etiquette, etc.).

Stop trying to police the threads, andros - the board has enough moderators and administrators. Besides, I was flaming the quote. Had I posted in MPSIMS I’m sure you would have suggested I post in the Pit; the board for flames.

I will use

when I encounter an adversary using something resembling a brain.

Yes, I think your posting was mundane. I responded to it because I was genuinely curious about your intent.

Yes, I think it belongs in MPSIMS. Yes, I agree completely that a buttload of other threads belong there as well. That doesn’t make it bad, simply something you want to share. And the fact that it’s called “Mundane Pointless Stuff” is not a personal insult toward you.

Policing the threads? That’s completely laughable. Talk about your overused retorts. I made a suggestion. If you don’t want people like Manhattan taking you to task, don’t post in the Pit. That’s all. I did not tell you to go away or change your behavior.

And it’s not a matter of “policing” anyway–I have no authority here and wouldn’t take any on a bet. I started off polite, Sake. You escalated.

Oh yeah? Well you’re a doo-doo dummy poopyhead.


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

Well you’re a doo-doo dummy poopyhead.*

I’m warning you, the last guy that called me that ended up limping off the playground. . .without his mittens!

Oh, oh. This is getting ugly now.

I’m outta here.

If you’re hot, that’s good.
If you’re cool, that’s good.

I don’t get it.

I support manhatten. The banner ad could be worse.

andros, sake boy –
“… all you gotta do is smile, smile, smile.”

I give up! If you love the ad banner so much - why don’t you go and marryit!?!

Because … his parents wouldn’t approve (?)