Roses are red, violets are blue, and so is my hair

Yup, I Manic Panic-ed it an hour ago. It looks sweet. I will try to get pics up as soon as possible. Questions, comments? Support?

Anyone have odd colored hair?

I dyed my hair blue (semi-permenantly) a day or two before halloween.


Not only is it green now, but in the process of dying it, I also dyed my boyfriend’s and best friend’s ENTIRE bathroom, a whole lot of towels, a few pillows, anything I TOUCHED (cause my hands were blue), about 4 shirts and the dress I wore to a costume party (Changeling LARP, actually) but alos my ENTIRE BACK, NECK AND FACE! (Well, the sides of my face, anyway.)

shakes head I’m still living with it, sorry for the rant…

pssst. gloves.

So are you going to change your SN to blue_dragon60? :smiley:

Yay! I love fun hair colors!!! In my pic on the SD people page, my hair is black and blonde… it is now black, blue, purple and teal! Did I mention I love hair color!!!

If you find that the manic panic washes out quickly ( on a lot of people it does) I recommend Special Effects.

LaurAnge Soft Scrub w/Bleach gets hair color off anything in the bathroom.

I dyed my hair blue for halloween as well.

Then it turned green leaving blue chunks on either side of my face and a stripe down the back of my head.

Then the blue faded and it was all green.

Now it is yellow.


One of my friends’ hair is green, and it looks a bit odd on him. Another one has it read and it looks really good. I was looking at pictures of her from a year ago and I barely even remember when her hair was brown because she gradually dyed it more and more red.

This gives me an idea for a new product - sampler hair dye. It changes colors every few days, for people not sure what color to dye their hair, or for people who just like change.

Pre-order yours now for only $15.95!

Dyed my hair black to play Andrew Johnson in a LARP once.

Yes, I’m such a nerd that even other nerds look down upon me. I’ll just slink away now.

I can not think of a color my hair has not been. I have to try really hard to think of a combination it hasn’t been. (Never black, red and silver at the same time)

You’re one of us beautiful people now dragon. Enjoy.

I’ve got black with a blue tint right now. It’s permanent, though, so It’s not really changing color much as it ages.

Odd colored hair, in addition to leather and vinyl clothes, are my two turn ons. Mmm, I love colored hair, because it says that the person isn’t afraid to be themselves. I love that.

my son’s done a wide variety, inlcuding blue, green, bright yellow, pink, red, magenta, purple…
His youngest cousin was seriously disappointed the last time they saw each other 'cause it was just “brown”.

At one point, as he was sporting the green, he was commenting on what colors would come next, he made the statement “but not black, that wouldn’t look natural”.

gotta love it. (and as an aside: yes, he’s employed, gets good grades, etc. my dad, the arch conservative didn’t bat an eye at it)

Anyone else notice something strange about this statement?

Uh-huh… perhaps a better word have been ‘expressed’.


Laurange: Um, when you wash it out, yer supposed to wash the dye out away from your face. Putting a line of vaseline or baby oil along your hairline helps too. When I did mine, I was ultra careful not to get it all over anything, and the only thing I had to do was bleach the bottom of the tub because it’s fairly porous, and took on a bluish tinge.

Anyway, my hair is currently fading from After Midnight Blue by Manic Panic to bluish green, and a golden color (before that I had a reddish tint over a kind of brownish blonde bleach job I had done earlier. That was a little hard to tell unless the light was just right). The reason it’s not pure blue is because I didnt bleach it as blonde as I could get it, so it took on a greenish tint in some spots. Everyone who saw it liked it though (one girl said “That’s insane!” and wondered how I got the multi-color effect. All by accident). Anyway, i can refresh it, but the color is quickly dissappearing, due to my fairly frequent haircuts (it’s already half gone on the sides of my head. I think this next cut will take care of most of it).

I Should have gotten pics. I still could, but my hair will not be at it’s maximum cuteness (about 3 weeks worth of growth. Maybe I should just to show you what it looks like). I cant re-bleach and dye until I get into a job and see what their position on hair dye is (i hope positive). It’s a pretty conservative haircut (I think), so they might let it slide, especially if i’m not dealing with the public.

One thing I noticed was, if your hair is cool colors, little kids will be utterly fascinated for about an hour to an hour and a half with your hair, and constantly ask you about it :D.

At the moment my hair is black at the tips, and fire red at the roots. It looks pretty neet.

Not to change the subject but after looking at the pictures of you on your website I can safely say that any hair color you may have or even without hair, you would be incredibly cute!

Sorry, had to throw that in.

I recommend you try Fudge’s Paintbox colors. not only do they have a wider selection of colors, but the color stays true longer and won’t rub off or stain your skin and clothes. I’ve tried several of their colors, and they don’t fade funny. They can be hard to find, but if you butter up your local beauty supply store manager, they’ll be able to find it for you.
Also, if you’re using Manic Panic or Punky colors, Vaseline is essential around you hairline, unless of course, you want to look like gorbachev for a week after going pillarbox red (not that I’d umm…know…or anything)

see this thread for the entire story. Basically, I attempted to bleach chunky highlights into my hair with horrible results. Redyed it back to brown, rebleached it, and now it’s OK. Not great, but Ok. I wanted bleached streaks, and they are yellow. I am considering dying the bleached section dark blue, but the tales of fading to green don’t appeal to me. My friend suggested using her mustache bleach cream to REALLY bleach the hair, but I am afraid. Advice? Now that I have a job that is actually individuality FRIENDLY, I am itching to take advantage of it.