Rose's lime juice varieties

I’ve noticed that the Rose’s that I encounter and love is different from some I see on the internets.

Green-brown. Maybe this is the American variety?

Dark green. I take that by the usage of cordial this is a more UK-oriented variety?

Pale green.

I am wondering why these are different colors, and if anyone here has tried them and noticed any taste difference?

This is not a cordial (contains no alcohol). Its just sweetened lime syrup used as a flavor in some drinks.

I’ve never seen the other two in the US but you’ll notice “dark green” is in a dark green bottle - you can’t tell the color of the contents.

The American variety starts off light green, but, if you don’t refrigerate it, it turns brown. Maybe the one you’re seeing is an old bottle.

Cordial is used to mean diluting ‘juice’ in Britain, not something with alcohol in it. To me, Rose’s Lime Cordial is ‘Asthma Juice’. I like the marmalade though.

Huh. Never knew this (apparently I should be better about reading labels). I have an older bottle that, as you mentioned, is brownish. It’s never been refrigerated. Should it have been? Is it still good? (Seems to be, the few times I’ve used it lately.)

They sell it at the supermarket unrefrigerated, but maybe it changes after opening. When I say that it is brown, I mean it’s the same color as it is fresh (or at least when I buy it). It’s more on the green side, but still has an olive tinge. I’ve definitely never seen it like #3 above.

I’m in the states and find Rose’s Lime two ways:

  1. in smaller glass bottles that is yellow in color
  2. in larger plastic bottles (and cheaper) that is more brownish.
    Why the difference. Plastic leaching?
    I don’t see the color change with time in either one.
    I keep it in the frig - much nicer for my gimlets.
    Can anyone enlighten me?
    T O M