Rosetta Stone

I’ve seen ads recently for this language-learning program. It looks fairly simple and clear-cut on the TV, but I was wondering if any of y’all had any actual experience with it.

Does it work? How well? Is it worth the money?

Here’s a recent thread on it.

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I started using it recently and, in general, I like it. The program seems to have several bugs that can be annoying (it loses preferences, sometimes reports a score in the middle of a lesson, and has just completely frozen a few times) but it’s a useful tool.

Ah. Thanks, all.

My wife got the one for beginning Italian. When she showed it to me, I watched while she went through a couple of lessons. I couldn’t hear what the program was saying, but I could hear her responses, and I could see the screen. Granted, I did have a semester of beginning Italian in my junior year of college, and I’ve been there a couple of times, but that was all a very long time ago.

I felt that I was learning a lot just from seeing the pictures and text.

I’ve played with the free demo in several languages and I wish I could afford to buy the full version. I liked it a lot.

And of course, Gorgon Heap, you too, can play with their free demo on their website, here Must have latest version of Shockwave, I believe.

I’ve requested their free demo three times, and never received one, so I gave up. That was based on TV commericals, but after being ignored, I’m not about to bother with them anymore.

I have used it for free. One of the Army benefits is that I can do Rosetta Stone for free. I tried to learn Spanish and made it through the first few levels. I still don’t feel as though I can speak it, but I can recognize a lot more words than I could before I started the courses.

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