I had a girlfriend whose boyfriend before me invited her on a “special date.” Turned out he was a Scientology member and the date was snooping around on the grounds of the AMORC HQ in San Jose . Purpose? To see if they could break into one of the offices and steal records that would prove the Order was stealing copyrighted material from the Scientologists. I just blinked at her. “But even if you discount all the B.S. the AMORC has been around a lot longer than Scientology. It’d be more likely any stealing was the other way around.”

“That’s what I figured and anyway, just looking for it weirded me out so that I dropped him like a hot potato.”

Lucky me.

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What this recent?

That has to be the funniest staff report or column I’ve read in an age (as well as being informative). Like Clarabelle the Clown being validated by Howdy Doody. Priceless! Full marks to Eutyches!

No, more like in 1980. She and I have long since gone our separate ways but I still remember her with fondness.

Sorry about the lack o’ link, Czarcasm. I plead a lack o’ caffeine.