rotary phone wiring?

I bought a rotary phone at a yard sale this weekend for 5 dollars. It is very old and very heavy. I forget what make/model it is, but I don’t think that is relevant to my question.

I need to rewire it so I can connect it to a standard phone jack, not a 1950’s 4 prong jack. I think it used to be connected to a 4 prong jack but that is no longer attached.

Currently there are three wires coming out of the phone. I thought there should be 4 but I only see three where the outer wire has been stripped. How can I connect this to a regular phone jack?

I tried looking up this procedure on the but I could not find anything. I think it should be fairly simple but I don’t know what I need, where I can get it, or what wires go where.

Any help would be appreciated.

See if these pages help you out:

If they don’t have your answer, they both have email addresses and say they will answer questions.

Good luck!

I have a very old rotary phone (1930s I’m guessing) that I’ve wired up to work with a modular jack.

The amazing thing is that over all of these years, the basic phone wiring system is identical to that from the '30s and before.

There are a couple of ways to go. If you want to connect it directly to the wall, open up an existing jack, and connect the red wire from the phone to the red wire in the jack, and the green from the phone to the green in the jack. (The yellow and black wires from the phone don’t matter, so if you at least have a red and green you should be OK. If you don’t have a red and a green, perhaps you can experiment with connecting the wires to the red and green in the jack. Incorrect connections shouldn’t put you or the phone at risk.)

What I did, was buy a modular phone jack. I connected the red and green wires from the jack to the phone, leaving a box at the end of the phone cord. I could plug a modular phone wire from the box to the jack on the wall.

Good luck.