"Rotating" a video image - how to?

I have several .avi files that I shot with our digital camera. However, I like shooting “vertical” images but they play “horizontally”.

Is there an easy way to rotate them 90 degrees so that they will play properly and won’t give the viewer a kink in his/her neck?

I am guessing I will need some basic video editing software?

Any help you can give is appreciated.

The free, easy way:
Use Windows Movie Maker, which should already be on your computer. The side effect of this method is that your AVI will become a WMV, which may or may not matter depending on who your target audience is.*
[li]Go to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Movie Maker.[/li][li]Import your video and drag it into the storyboard/timeline (the area at the bottom with a lot of blank squares).[/li][li]Right-click on the clip in the storyboard and choose “Video Effects”. You’ll be given a list of effects you can use, including various Rotate functions.[/li][li]When you’re done with the editing, go to File -> Save Movie File (CTRL-P) to export it back to a video file (until you do that, it’ll only be a Movie Maker project that nobody else can watch).[/li][/ol]

*The free, not-so-easy way that’ll preserve your file format:
VirtualDub. You’ll only need this if you’re not satisfied with the Windows Movie Maker output for some reason. Before I elaborate, I have to ask: How did you want to distribute the video once it’s rotated?

Well, that was easy! :o

Thanks for the reply, Reply!

They are just 30 second clips that I post on our family webpage so relatives can see videos of the baby.

I’ll ask someone to check it out once it’s finished “saving” and they can let me know if it works for them as well.