Rotten pet owner!

I can’t get the exact link, but todays Plain Dealer newspaper, in a section called Cheers and Jeers, gave a Jeer (and rightfully) to a Bay Village woman(unnamed) who, after her neighbors complained about her dog barking; shot it!!
It said any animal agency would’ve taken it.
I can think of nothing more to comment on this, it just speaks for itself.

That is an utterly despicable and completely inexcusable thing to do to an animal. Hopefully, animal welfare will get involved and have her charged with animal cruelty, although if you can’t prove the dog suffered horribly before death, they probably won’t do much about it.

That being said, in the rotten pet owner race, I’ll see your dog-shooter and raise you a couple of drug dealers who cropped their pitt bulls’ ears themselves (with their own “anesthesia”, most likely) and a moron who tried to declaw her cat with a pair of scissors. I’ll even throw in another drug dealer who drives a $40,000 SUV, didn’t vaccinate his dog, let it get parvo, waited till it was totally down and out to bring it to the vet, refused treatment, and then didn’t want to spend the $30 to let us euthanize it. Sometimes I just love our clients.

Wow. If that happened in our county, we (the local humane society/animal control) would be all over that woman with felony cruelty charges. In North Carolina, if a dog isn’t actively attacking humans or livestock or pets, shooting it is a crime.

You may want to check out what the law is like where you live. If animal control isn’t doing anything about it, they may just be acting lax, and they may just need a kick in the butt to enforce the laws.


Wow. And I thought muzzles were cruel and inhumane.