Rottentomatoes Tomatometer Frightens and Confuses Me

OK so I am reading the front page blurb reviews (the intial screen for a movie that has dozens of one line excerpts from reviews) for Nacho Libre on Rottentomatoes. Each review is adorned with a ripe (red) tomato (good review) and a rotten (green) tomato (a poor review). So I read this blurb:

“The only gag here, as far as I can tell, is Black squeezing himself into a pair of red tights and prancing around like a mental patient. Funny yes, but over the course of an hour and a half, it wears a wee thin.” - Bill Muller, Arizona Republic

Green tomato, right? Wrong, they gave it a ripe red tomato. Now you may think that the blurb misrepresents what may be a positive full review. Nope, the review is decidedly not in favor of the movie.

Makes you wonder hwo those ripe/rotten rankings are developed and how accruate they really are.

It’s only a very crude rating, and do not account for mixed reviews (i.e., the movie is good, but drags badly in the early section). It is good for getting a consensus, though.

In the case you mention, it could simply be an error. Is there a way to point it out?