Rough trade in value of a truck?

Is there someplace reliable I could get an idea about trade in values?
They’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your vehicle, and then the last page is a rough estimate of how much the value is in trade-in or private sale. It’s really neat.

It’s been my experience that you’ll get more money if you sell it outright rather than trading it in. Gather your service records and such before you meet with anyone. If you’ve been good about maintenance, it can net you a bit more cash.

“Trade-in” values, dude. I don’t think rough trade does anything for the value of a truck – unless it’s somebody famous, maybe.

OK, it wasn’t just me. I spent a good minute trying to parse this title before realizing what had been meant.

Glad I wasn’t the only one envisioning a straight dude offering himself up to Big Bubba in order to get himself a new pickup truck. I mean, it would make a hellofa video, but seems a little extreme for a set of wheels…