Rove linked to DoJ prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman during disputed election

As in, “Don’t cross me, or I’ll kill you.”

I would be willing to bet that Kaylasdad was making a funny. Takers?

I was going to point it out, but thought you’d be much wittier and entertaining about it. Now I need a new hero. :frowning:


Forget Silkwood, this reminds me of the Baudelaire orphans. Does Karl Rove have a tattoo of an eye on his ankle?


Twain, Vonnegut, Krassner, Hicks. Might as well upgrade.

Seigelman and Scrushy both got ~7 years.

Curious that story doesn’t even mention the Rove connection, etc.

Update: 44 state attorneys general are petitioning Congress for a detailed inquiry into the Siegelman prosecution. View the petition here (pdf file). (Troy King, AG of Alabama, is not among the petitioners.)

Fascinating. Hm.

It is 44 former attorneys general, according to the New York Times.

Still, interesting. I believe this conviction is going to be thrown out on appeal.