Karl Rove having a gay affair?! With an Arabic-named criminal?!

No, seriously.

Now, this story is not from a major media outlet, it’s from a website called Legal Schnauzer. But the story seems pretty well documented – there’s even a scanned copy of Simpson’s letter to Bauer. So I guess it all comes down to how trustworthy Simpson is.

More on Rove’s rant on Fox.

And the story about Akbar’s criminal record. There’s a mugshot of him – dude’s young and not too hideous. The most amazing thing about this story is, how did Rove manage it?! Gay/bi dudes of the Dope – come on, be honest, would you touch him?! Even if you’re a chubby-chaser?!

Beyond whether Dana Jill Simpson is telling the truth, I guess the debate here is whether this will finally drive Rove out of public life. Wasn’t even sure whether to put this in GD, or IMHO or MPSIMS or the Pit, but I figure it would end up here if I put it anywhere else; it does have implications for national politics, Rove being such a high-profile political figure and all.

How do two men have “bisexual sex”?

I dunno. Money is involved?

I see what you did there.

Rich and powerful men and women don’t tend to have problems finding lovers.

Ah, yes. Post #3.

Not money. Power.

Sounds like a dog of a story.

I’ve got no horse in this fight, but it’s setting off my ground hog shit detector. For all I know, though, it’s the gold fishes meow…and wouldn’t THAT be iconic?


Karl Rove has poor taste in men. That isn’t news.

Is the name “Ali Akbar” kind of a joke, or are people really named that? “I’d like you to meet my son God is Great. We call him GG for short”.

He used to prefer bush.

Ali is not the same word as Allah which means god. Ali is a very common name.

I knew someone named Precious Angel Grace. No joke.

Haven’t rumors about Rove’s sexual orientation been around for years?


From December 31, 2009:

No solid proof. And it’s pretty amazing that a switch hitter would be so rabidly anti-gay. Self-loathing? Maybe.

There is a $100,000 reward that has been offered for proof of Rove’s gayness. So far, no one has collected.

Yea, why can’t he have a good Hebrew name like “Gabriel” or “Michael”?

This seems pretty unlikely to me. I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be true.

I’m wondering why we’re supposed to care about any of this. I’m trying to figure out which part I least care about. So far “Arabic-named” is in the lead since it’s so badly shoehorned into the story. Why would Rove go away over this? A lot of people already despise the guy and conservatives will still appreciate if he’s trying to win elections for them.

Yea, its kinda sad that in a story about him conspiring to bring false charges against a governor, the lead is that Rove might’ve slept with an arab.

So, can we start calling him Karl “Jeff” Rove? :slight_smile: