The White House: Explain ourselves? Why? We can do whatever the fuck we want!

Treason? You can’t prove it! Illegal wire tapping?
We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

Laws? The Constitution? We’ve got to destroy them in order to save them. I. . I. . . I’m too tired to be outraged.

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Too tired for outrage, to tired to preview.

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I have an elephant in the boot of my car. Unfortunately, I can’t show to you because that might reveal how I got it in there.


From your first cite:

Plain and simple, the grand jury did not find anything to charge him with. But why let simple facts like that get in the way of a unreasoning rant? AFter all, he’s Karl Rove, so he’s got to be guilty of something just because he’s breathing, right?

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Too bad CNN didn’t put an X over his face for a fraction of a second, or Humpy would’ve charged to the rescue!

And, of course, I’m sure we all know that nobody who’s guilty has ever failed to be indicted/convicted, and nobody who’s innocent has ever been indicted/convicted.

In fact, the name “the Teflon Don” was coined because Gotti was actually made of non-stick metal. True story.

I want to believe it. I might actually believe if if only this administration hadn’t lied and lied and lied to the American people. They lied when they said the leak didn’t originate with the administration. They lied when they said that no one could have anticipated the failure of the levies, they lied about WMD in Iraq.

So now I’m supposed to believe Karl and Co. went to the grand jury and told the God’s honest truth and were exonerated. Or that Karl had permission to commit treason so all is well and good. Nope, no reason to rant. It’s all good.

Exactly. A governement with no more checks and balances and a history of blatent lying and corruption investigates itself and finds no wrongdoing. Why in the fuck would I have to trust anything they say?

And besides, if Clothahump defends them, that’s proof enough for me that they are guilty as hell.

Ah, the comforting yule log of the left. Still burning brightly.

Adminsitrations have been lying to us for years. They will continue to. And we will never know what is a lie and what isn’t.

In our politically polarized society, a totally transparent administration would never get anything done for all the furor raised by its ideological opponents. Pragmatic real-world solutions would never be possible.

If we knew all of the things that the government did just over the past 50 years, it would be enough to send people of all political stripes into apoplexy.

Not that I believe Rove is innocent of everything, but when the heck did Grand Juries become an arm of the executive branch? And I’m not sure how Rove’s legal team enters into the failure of the Grand Jury to return an indictment. A person’s attorneys aren’t permitted to appear before a Grand Jury.

I guess it’s okay then. Nevermind.

You’re right. I’m just really pissed that this asshole is getting away with what amounts to mass murder.

Yeah, too bad about those guys who didn’t follow directions and used metal utensils on him. Marred his nonstick coating.

Wish someone was brave enough to do that to many in our current administration.

I keep saying torches and pitchforks are the answer, but nobody listens.

But Biggirl, your OP leaves me flummoxed. Fitz is a pretty hard-nosed guy, from all accounts. And if he doesn’t feel he’s got a solid case, he’s not going to indict someone just to make his life miserable. That’s how a prosecutor should work.

Doesn’t say what Rove did or didn’t do. But if Fitz doesn’t think he can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt (whether of the leak itself, or perjury or false statements to muddy the waters for the investigation), then he doesn’t indict. End of story.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Doesn’t mean Rove didn’t do it, either.

“In connection with this appearance”? That sounds suspiciously like, “thanks to my client turning state’s evidence and pointing the finger further up the food chain.” Who’s up the food chain? Could Dead Eye Dick be the target of the still sealed indictment?

Of course this statment comes from Rove’s attorney and not from Fitzgerald, so who knows if it’s even true. This administration has lied so many times I don’t believe a thing they say now.

For months they’ve been ducking questions by saying they could not comment on a pending investigation. So now that Rove is no longer a target, they can get right on answering those questions.

Here’s one to start with: whether or not Rove’s actions rose to the level of indictment, they were almost certainly in violation of the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. Has his security clearance been revoked, and if not, when can we expect that to happen?