NY Times: Only Libby to be indicted.

Rove is still under investigation, though, so it’s not over yet. The NYT is reporting that Fitzgerald is likely to extend the grand jury.

Who wants to bet that the White House will try spin a lack of a formal indictment tomorrow as “exoneration” for Rove?

Fuck these slimeballs. They’re going to escape the noose on this. Why did I get my hopes up? I know better.

I’m not sure they’ll spin anything. It’s hard to say “he’s been exonerated!” when he’s still being investigated. (We also don’t know who else, if anyone, will be charged.) The White House message seems to be “the President is still working and not being distracted.”

Patience, grasshopper. When a man is facing serious charges, he starts thinking about ways to get out from under. Like, oh, flipping on other people who might be considered “bigger fish.” Let this play out before you give up hope.

First, this isn’t an official announcement from the special prosecutor’s office…just a statement by an unnamed source. Second, like you said, the source said that the grand jury will be extended, so there might be, and probably will be, more indictments further down the line.

You might even consider this a good thing. This way, the news won’t go away…all the news for the next week will be about the Libby indictment, and then when that starts to quiet down, a second indictment will be handed down, and so on.

Besides, you don’t think Libby is going to go for a plea in exchange for telling what he knows? By not indicting anybody else yet, Fitzgerald can use Libby’s statements to strengthen his case against other people.

Good points, all. Let’s hope that Libby has a jelly spine. Fitzgerald should use the phrase “Pound me in the ass federal prison” a lot while trying to persuade Scooter to do the right thing.

I just wish you’d admit you’re watching TV, reading blogs and telecommunicating with the home planet just hoping for felony indictments and death sentences all around. You get the whiff of blood in the water and just go into a rage. Based on how you portray yourself, I would think you would be hoping, nay praying to a rock, that there weredismissals left and right on this stuff. Are you honestly cheering for criminal conduct?

If there’s criminal conduct, prosecute it. (I said the same during the issues related to He Who Must Not Be Mentioned[sup]TM[/sup].)

But I remember hearing back then how the smart pragmatists would have waited for the judicial process to run its course before declaring guilt based on perception in the media. How long has this investigation been going on? My, the times really are changing, aren’t they? For 8 years we were lectured on how these things should be handled without “a rush to judgement”. Guess it depends on oxen being gored and all that? The right simply went to Barnes and Nobel and bought the playbook perfected over almost a decade. The left just forgot to annotate the rule changes.
And you still owe me that drink. I’ll let you know when I’m in the Cities. Should be in the next few months.

I’m not cheering for criminal conduct, I’m just hoping for accountability. I KNOW there was criminal (or at least highly unethical) conduct.

Drop me an email when you’re in the cities. Oh…and let me just say these four words to you…56 yard field goal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s that?


Jack Dean Tyler?


So, you want some to face criminal charges for unethical conduct? Why the fuck would you want that?

I warned you guys not to make this a proxy for a wholesale re-evaluation of why Bush took us to war. It ain’t gonna be that, no matter how much you wish it were.

My money’s on Socrates, actually. Damn youth-corrupter…

Sorry for the confusion. I guess I can tell you if you promise to not tell anyone else here.
It’s Bob Robert Robertson of Smithsville, OH. Just don’t let anyone know. It’ll really create a shitstorm around here if his nefarious actions are discovered.

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I knew the Bears would eventually find a way to beat us.
My head hurts. I’m going to enjoy my day off by taking one of the caddy’s Vicodin pills. :mad:

The grand jury can’t be extended, it’s served for the maximum allowable time. If Fitzgerald wants more indictments he has to convene a new grand jury.

Anyways, notice that there isn’t even a hint of an indictment for revealing Plame’s identity. Libby is going to be indicted for either purjury or giving false statements, and at the very worst we’re hearing that Rove could be charged with purjury as well.

Isn’t that what Clinton was charged with since they couldn’t prove any of the core charges against him?

Apparently we still have absolutely no proof that there was any criminal conduct involved in the exposing of Plame, just that some White House staffers may have inappropriately answered some questions and gotten themselves into a purjury quagmire.

You guys are definitely celebrating way too early.

And the Vikings and Packers both suck, there’s no reason to talk about them like either is a good team.

If it’s a regular grand jury. If, on the other hand, it’s a special grand jury, apparently they get a few shots at being reconvened. I’ve seen talk it’s the special type, but I wouldn’t hang my hat on it.

I tried that perjury angle argument about He Who Must Not Be Mentioned[sup]TM[/sup] in another thread Martin. It devolves into an argument of the crime that led to perjury. Sorry, alleged crime that led to it. There are many here that can’t seperate the fact that perjury isn’t the same as the crime alleged. A person can be innocent of murder, but if any of his or her testimony is a lie it becomes a seperate crime of perjury. 2 crimes in the same situation. Perjury is always a crime commited when commited in a legal process. Regardless of the crime brought before the court. Regardless of the outcome of that case. The perjury is a whole different case.

Perjury is a felony. It doesn’t matter what brought about the testimony. Once perjury is commited, it becomes a crime in and of itself. It becomes a different issue. Sadly, around here, it gets lumped together. Anyone want to mention why a former President lost his law license? After all he was innocent of the charges.

Not always. It has to be relevant testimony.

I don’t think anybody is celebrating, Martin. But I also think we haven’t begun to see what all of this is about. The next three years may be very interesting.

We may also find a new meaning for FLIP FLOP! FLIP FLOP!

Main Entry: tes·ti·mo·ny
Pronunciation: 'tes-t&-"mO-nE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -nies
Etymology: Middle English, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin testimonium Decalogue, from Latin, evidence, witness, from testis witness – more at TESTAMENT
1 a (1) : the tablets inscribed with the Mosaic law (2) : the ark containing the tablets b : a divine decree attested in the Scriptures
2 a : firsthand authentication of a fact : EVIDENCE b : an outward sign c : a solemn declaration usually made orally by a witness under oath in response to interrogation by a lawyer or authorized public official
3 a : an open acknowledgment b : a public profession of religious experience

Relevent? Note number 2 above. Testimony, by definition, is relevent. Are you talking about tesimony given in a case that you don’t agree should be prosecuted? Doesn’t matter. Perjury is a charge related to a case. It has nothing to do with the original charge. A lie is a lie. And if that lie is stated, under oath in a legal proceding, it’s perjury. No matter what the original crime is that led to the perjury.

Don’t worry about the rumors. Those that talk don’t know and those that know don’t talk. My own guess is that there will be some indictments and Fitzgerald will ask for a new grand jury to investigate the deliberate and deceitful lies that led the nation into this foolish war. Those who miss their chance at prison for this will get another chance.

It’s amusing to see the Republicans attempt to rationalize this whole affair. Lying about leaking someone’s covert identity is somehow no big deal, yet lying about leaking onto a dress is.

Packers and Vikings? When both are looking up to the Lions, that says all you need to know.

The end of days is coming?

Thank God. Could you quickly explain what laws Rove violated and the evidence to support the indictment? And how Libby could be used to “Flip” on Rove? I want nothing more than to see members of this pathetic administration indicted and disgraced, but I haven’t seen details about any criminal conduct.