Rowan Atkinson - right wing politics?

I just found out that Rowan Atkinson’s brother is a big shot in extreme right-wing politics in the United Kingdom. Has Atkinson himself ever made any statements that would reveal whether he is in accord with his brother’s views? I believe that Atkinson’s wife is ethnically Indian, so I would be surprised if he were into any racialist/nativist/anti-immigrant movements.

I’ve met his wife, and she is indeed of Indian origin (and very pleasant, and pretty, at least she was 20 years ago). Further, Mr Atkinson (who lives near me) certainly appeared to espouse fairly liberal politics, including songs with lyrics like “I’ve never met a nice [white] South African” and “I can’t believe Norman Tebbit is a human being”. No idea what he’s like now, though.

I’d also say that the “extreme” of Rodney Atkinson’s politics seems to be more of a libertarian/anti-European bent, rather than the racism/fascism offered by such parties as the British National Party (BNP). Unless there’s something I don’t know.

I assumed it was going to turn out he was in the BNP!

Yeah, UKIP as a party don’t generally seem to be the “Out with <slur of choice>!” type. Pretty nationalistic, but more in terms of economic/power issues, rather than dislike of non-Brits. No idea of his brother’s politics, though.

I see. I guess I mixed up the UKIP and the nationalists. I don’t really know much about the smaller parties in Britain.

UK Independence Party.

British National Party.

List of political parties in the UK.

I think his comedy material takes a pop at pretty much any and everyone. I guess that makes him a ‘liberal’.

He used to be on Not the Nine O’ Clock News, which had sort of a mild “down with the establishment” type feel.

For what it’s worth.

(Very, very little)

Actually, yeah, he runs with the “alternative comedians” crowd which includes Alexi Sayle and Rick Mayall. The group also includes Stephen Fry, who was the best man at Atkinson’s wedding. Fry is gay - does that make Atkinson more liberal? :slight_smile:

Although, Fry is buddies with Prince Charles. Does that make him conservative? Or does this just make him the well-spoken face of the alternative comedians?

Lou Dobbs’s wife is of Mexican descent.

No, it makes His Highness gay. :wink:

I thought there was kind of an open secret to the effect that the Queen and the Prince of Wales are actually (considering they are, after all, The Establishment) pretty left-of-center. Anyway, I digress.

If all you’ve got to go on is “_____'s brother is a wackjob conservative,” then why would you assume that _____ is, as well? Maybe he’s embarrassed by his brother. You don’t know.

Look at the wording of my OP. Have I actually assumed anything of the kind?

Yeah, I don’t know. That’s why I asked the question.

correction, that was Spitting Image, although R.A. is mentioned in the song

As far as I can tell, Rowan Atkinson didn’t write or perform for that show.

Charlie is such a left wing hippy! :slight_smile: