Royal Waste of Gorgeous Visuals!

That Tim Burton sure is frustrating. Saw Sleepy Hollow Saturday night - perfect Burton film: deleriously atmoshperic, lush costumes, unreal scenery and good actors. Of course, it also butchered a brilliant original story with gratuitous plot elements, melodramatic acting, flat characters and a shitty alls-well-that-ends-well ending.

Why?? Perhaps Burton is not enough of a freak! He’s just Ron Howard with a bad haircut!

Makes me miss Ed Wood.

Hell is Other People.

Oh, I thought the topic said “Royals Waste and Gorge on Vittals.”


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Ron Howard already has a bad haircut.

I thought you had to have hair to have a certain “cut”. Last time I saw Howard I was blinded.

Hey, stop picking on little Opie Cunningham !

Ayesha - Lioness

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I still haven’t forgiven “Little Opie Cunningham” for Willow.

(Although Apollo 13 brought me really close to forgiveness.)

Sleepy Hollow was still better than Sorcese’s Bringing Out The Dead. Boy, was THAT a disappointment!

Tim Burton needs to stick to original material - no more re-working old stories (like Batman & Sleepy Hollow) and someone really needs to smack Martin Scorcese around to bring back that raw, violent energy he had in the 70’s & 80’s.

Hell is Other People.

I feel like my heads gonna pop like a festering boil…aarghhhhhhh!!!

As one who is generally less into visuals and more about the acting, I didn’t think it was that bad. Of course, it was pretty and cool and all that, but I love the way Johnny Depp played Ichabod Crane, and of course, Christina Ricci is incapable of doing a bad job (in my eyes)… and Tim Burton is the shit. So there.

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And this is from Chris who asked us which movies were cool? Damn straight, Chris, show who knows movies!

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ChrisCTP: You wouldn’t know good acting and direction if it was SUCKING ON YOUR ASS!

so there.

Hell is Other People.

I sat down and read through Washington Irving’s original The Legend of Sleepy Hollow after seeing the movie, and it BORED ME TO TEARS. It mostly consists of (A) excessively lengthly descriptions of what life in a small town in that time and place was like and (B) painting a picture of Ichabod Crane as a self-centered clown. And the Headless Horseman, when he finally appears, is a sham!

I was amused actually, to see how Burton had incorporated a scene based on the book’s encounter with the sham Horseman into the middle of his tale of a real Horseman.

I think the movie was one of Burton’s poorer efforts, but it did entertain me more than the story that inspired it.

And since the movie was not named, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, or worse yet, “Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” I’m not in the least bothered by its straying so far from its inspiration. There is a long tradition of fantasy and science fiction writers creating variants on well-known fairy tales and other stories, and I see “Sleepy Hollow” as falling under that category.

Wow - You, gentle reader, are an uncultured, vicious, blue-assed gibbon!

Irving’s story is an AMAZING tale of social maladjustment, paranoia and “fear of the dark”. Plus it was very well-written. Burton took the charming innocence, mystery and splendour out of it and turned it into a dead-will-walk-the-earth-until-vindicated slasher pic.

I mean Johnny Depp as Ichabod!! Come on, now - read the first paragraph. Crane looks more like Carrot-top than Depp.

Rather Burton direct it than John Woo though!

Hell is Other People.

dfahs –
Did you notice in the credits, the part that said “Based on Washington Irving’s The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”?
Based on it, my ass.


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