Rubber Johnny

Very disturbing.

Anyone actually see the whole short?

Man, this is some scary shit!
Raises the hackles…

Only heard about whilst doing my daily scan of Snopes. Find it quite funny that it needed to be debunked as it is obviously not real. Some disturbed filmmakers out there…

I’ve seen it, though I was disappointed because I thought it would have some kind of story, like David Lynch’s Eraserhead, but it’s really just another music video. It’s still interesting to watch, in a repulsive sort of way, but I’d already read a lot of hype about it before I saw it, so I expected a lot better.

I read a list of movies that Chris Cunningham was offered the opportunity to direct (Minority Report was one) and while I’m glad he hasn’t jumped at director-for-hire work, I wish he’d make the plunge into feature length films already.

His video for Bjork’s “All is Full of Love” is still his best work, IMO.