Rubik's cube juggling

Found this video while surfing around YouTube.

The weird thing is I see both solving Rubik’s cubes and juggling as only moderately difficult tasks; the kind of things I feel most people could learn to due with a little practice. But the combination of doing them together seems almost impossible. I wouldn’t have believed it could be done if I hadn’t seen it.

That is one awesome display of cognition, spacial awareness and physical coordination/dexterity.

If that’s genuine, then it’s a terribly-edited video. Most of the times when it goes into slow-motion, they don’t show him making a move at all, and when they finally do show him making a move in slow motion, they repeat that same move three times.

It is from the official Guinness World Records site:
Fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling | Guinness World Records

I think the move he makes at :25 is clearly different than the move he makes at :42.