"Ruby Begonia"

I remember Flip Wilson saying in some comedy routine “Do da name Ruby Begooooonia strike a familla note,” sounding sort of like the way “The Kingfish” would have said it.

Well, it didn’t “strike a note” with me 30 years ago, and it still doesn’t today.

Was this some stock character in minstrel shows or something, or just a character in some movie or radio program? I got the idea that it was not just a name made up for that routine.

I seem to recall that was a catchphrase from AMOS 'N ANDY.

“Ruby Begonia” was a stereotypical black name in the '40s, as “Shaneequa Rasheen Johnson” would be today, or “Hymie Rosenberg” would be for Jews. It was just the kind of wisecrack that was considered funny till a few years ago, but would cost you your career today.