Rude Thanksgiving awakening

We have a darling (but precocious) kitten who turned 4 months old yesterday. I was awoken this morning in a unique manner. He jumped on the bed, crawled under the cover and then bit me on the balls. I guess it’s time to get up. Happy Thanksgiving!
[sup]He can be seen at instagram: gingercat_logan[/sup]

Just remind him to look in the oven today, to see what happens to those pets who misbehave.

No need for that, man-justice is only a few months away with a little trip to get a little snip. :wink:

That’s why you don’t rub catnip on them.

cat nip, hehehe

Much more humane than roast cat.

Kittehs in the balls again.

Exactly. I was feeling bad for him but now, welcome Mr. Karma.