Rugby Queen

So. I’m watching Rugby on Direct T.V. this weekend (those are my type of guys, baby!)

And I’m reflecting on my college years and remembering how I was lifted upon the shoulders of my friend Neil and proclaimed: “Rugby Queen”

Only to be quickly pulled OFF of his shoulders by my girlfriends and promptly escorted home ‘before anything could happen’, never to be taken to a Rugby Party again “for my own good”

and here I am…29 years old, and you know what? I still don’t know what would have happened.

Any college ruggers familiar with this term? And whether I would have had fun or not? My friends were always dragging me out of situations without explaining why.

(and yes, I was drunk)


I have hung out with numerous rugby players; lived with one for a year; and dated more of the species than was probably good for me. I never had the guts to admit I didn’t know what “Rugby Queen” meant so I don’t know either.

Oh, but let me make perfectly clear… while you might never want to be dubbed “rugby queen” that’s no reason to stay away from rugby parties. There are no parties more fun than rugby parties. There are also no better people in the world than rugby players. It’s an uncommon enough sport in the U.S. that they’re a pretty tight fraternity. If you play rugby, you can go to any city in the country, find a rugby team, and be taken in like a long-lost cousin. When my friend (fly half) lost his sister in an accident, his rugby team rallied in such a huge way that his father (in LA) wrote a letter to our paper in Detroit about it.

It’s fun to be a rugby groupie. You will have great stories. You will have many hangovers. But it helps to be someone they respect and look out for. :slight_smile:

Please! I was begging my friends to go to the Rugby parties and they said “NO, we won’t let you go. Now that Neil wants you to be rugby queen, you’re in big trouble”

But boy he was my type. Big, rugged, muscular, good kisser, bought me beer.

I love Rugby



Ah, the ol’ What Goes on Tour Stays On Tour rule…

I know that one well.

LOTTA HELP THERE BEAGLE :: jar kicks beagledave in the butt three times for good measure ::

I assume it’s some sort of…sexual activity, but I need more details

Calling All Rugby Players!


Watch it toots. I gots me some photographic evidence of Rugby Queen “Jess”. Lookin’ cute there in your swimsuit with a bud light.

So what? You get to hang out with sweaty muscle guys and drink beer?

Methinks my friends were just jealous that I got picked.


Some women seem to have the bizarre notion that being a sex object is a bad thing. shrug

Um, being sex object may not be so bad, but trust me, I had numerous rugby players confirm my impression that you would not necessarily want to be “rugby queen.”

You guys are going to make me break down and ask one of these players, aren’t you?

My god YES. If I missed out on a fun experience, I’ve got to build up some bitterness.

Because some of those guys were HOT


I don’t think you’d have a problem enjoying the culture of Rugby Clubs, jarbabyj. You may not always be intellectually challenged but there might be compensations. It’s a boozy, bawdy culture where excessive behaviour is very commonplace and the boys play hard. Women aren’t excluded from the reverie but you do need to enjoy basic testosterone driven males.

The odd thing is it all happens within a pretty old-fashioned gentlemanly context. Difficult to explain, really :slight_smile:

Not a big game in Germany, though.

I have nothing to add here. I just wanted to tell you that I saw the thread title and started singing ‘Metal Queen’.

At least Odieman will understand what I’m talking about.

My husband is a rugby player, and here’s what I’ve been told (haven’t seen it, and from a female friend who was a rugby player in college, she says the women’s teams have done similar, just with a Rugby King).

There is a song called The Rugby Queen. You can find it on the 'net if you look. Everyone will gather in a circle with the Queen in the middle. The song involves touching body parts and for some, maybe even showing them. Do not agree to be the Rugby Queen if you don’t like being groped or having your picture taken during the event.

I’ve also heard the term to refer to female rugby groupies too.

God knows I’m jealous. Mmmmm…rugby players…

…and I have ‘Dancing Queen’ in mine. Thanks a lot, j.

This isn’t much use, but has lots of other useful terms.
this however looks promising.
I am afraid all other cites have objectionable material, sigh.

Don’t think that’s going to be a problem for our jarbaby. :smiley:

Well, I only played for three years, but I’ve got a fairly good idea. I’m double-checking with a buddy of mine that’s been playing for the last 10 or so, though, to make sure I don’t give you a bum-scoop.

The song I am referring to in my earlier post is also called I Met A Whore in the Park. It will be easier to find if you use that name.