Rugby World Cup Tickets

The biggest sporting event of 2003 is undoubtably the Rugby World Cup in Australia in Oct/Nov. It is claimed that this 4 yearly event is only behind the Soccer World Cup and Olympics in terms of viewing audience.

As a member of the “rugby community” (Reds season ticket holder and member of the University of Queensland Rugby Club) I was able to secure tickets to the following pool matches in Brisbane :

Fiji v France on 11 October
Australia v Romania on 18 October
New Zealand v Repechage 2 on 24 October
South Africa v Samoa on 01 November.

There was a lottery system in place for tickets to the finals - the more pool tickets that you purchased, the more change you have of getting finals tickets.

Well, this morning they printed the numbers of the 32,000 people who gained tickets to the finals. I can get tickets to :

Quarter Final 1 in Brisbane on 8 Nov (probably Australia v Scotland)
Quarter Final 2 in Brisbane on 9 Nov (proably England/South Africa v Wales)

Semi Final 1 in Sydney.

Getting two tickets to each of those games will be expensive, but I think it will be worth it.

Is anyone else going? Anyone else wish they could go?

  • Bubba.

Lucky bastard. Due to a back problem I’ve had to stop playing rugby a couple of years ago, and although I wanted to go back I’m just not up to it.

To add insult to injury, they never received my ticket application, so they wouldn’t let me into the lottery.

So, what do you want for your tickets to the semi in Sydney? :smiley:

What a great moniker. I wonder if the real ones jump up and down by themselves, or smoke Cambridges??

I will be sitting in a tree outside the Forbes Showground, watching Namibia and Nuie go around…

Well, they start at $295.00, so I don’t even know if I’ll get the Sydney tickets yet - although if it is likely that it’ll be the likely Aus v NZ semi-final, I’d be mad not to.

  • Bubba.