Ruger Mark II dopers, here it is!

Based on suggestions and testimonials from this board I took the plunge and here is my new “paper hunting rig”:

KMK512GC “Big Rock” Mark II,
VQ trigger, sear, hammer, compensator
Extended magazine release, extended bolt release, Hogue wraparound grips, Ultradot 30mm red dot scope on a Wiegand mount, Blast Shield, Exact Edge extractor, 3 extra magazines and an Ultimate Cliploader (I can load 5 magazines in about 1 1/2 minutes!)

Thanks for the help in emptying my wallet (final total ~$800.00).


Great oogly moogly, that is a fine looking pistol. Are you going to do any competitive shooting with that setup?

Sadly my eyesight is bad and I shake like a dog passing a peach pit but I am doing my best to keep the world safe from paper targets (and this rig makes me look good).


It was a Ruger and I shot a 74 with it (Standard pistol target setup, 20 yards, one handed, slow fire) :cool:

I then spent 4 months trying to consistantly match that score. :smack: . I like the pistol, it no longer likes me (I like a wider grip) so I shoot with a High Standard (Military or Victor) and tend to get in the low – mid 80’s.

Have Fun.

-DF (a fellow devotee of the long range hole punch)

Can someone give me an explanation or a link as to what these scores mean? How big are the targets, etc.?

I shoot under [I believe] older ISSF rules (from when they were the ISU). Our range is a 20 yard range and we don’t have the length to accomodate the 25m discipline. A place to find out about shooting these types of events can be found here under the Technical rules for all disciplines and technical rules for pistol.

As a quick primer: the X-ring on an 20yd ISU #73 target is covered by a dime. My first time out I put two rounds through that (and it is an extremely good day when I can put one out of ten in that area), The next ring is the 10-ring, which is slightly smaller that 2 dime diameters. I had one round just nick the line and another just outside. The remaining rings are about a penny’s width outside the preceding ring. the 7 ring inward are black and our pistols are sighted for 6 o’clock or sub 6 o’clock hold for these targets at 20 yds. 6 o’clock means that the front and rear sights are levelled and the black dot of the target just touches the line formed by the sights. Sub 6 hold means that the sights are levelled as above but there is a space between the line of the sights. That space is equal in size to that between each side of the front sight in the notch of the rear sight.

The Slow Fire portion of a standard pistol match is 4x5 shots in 4x150 seconds (10 shots in 5 minutes for a half match like we shoot). The Timed Fire portion of the match is 4x5 shots in 4x20 seconds (10 shots in 40 seconds with time to reload between strings of five. The Rapid Fire portion is 4x5 shots in 4x10 seconds.

In the league I shoot in we follow that up with a half match of Sport Pistol which is another 30 shots total. The first fifteen are shot in the Precision portion: 15 shots in fifteen minutes. The next fifteen are shot in the Sport Rapid or Duello fashion (on different targets (10 ring is 3 quarters across, each subsequent ring is larger by a canadian two dollar coin, out to a minimum ring of 5 points, all shots outside the 5 ring score 0 points, the target is all black, so 6 oclock hold isn’t as helpful here, adjustable sights like that on high end target pistols like Pardini’s which can be adjusted to centerhold with a certain number of clicks are an advantage here). The duel portion requires the shooter to hold the pistol and his/her shooting arm down at a 45 degree angle until the target faces. At that point the shooter must raise and fire one shot before the target edges (3 seconds). After the shot s/he returns to 45 degrees to wait 7 seconds before the next shot. We do fifteen shots in this fashion.

I don’t know if that clears some of that up but I don’t have a ruler on hand to give precise measures of the target but someone who shoots a 70 score on a standard target at 20 yards is typically putting all of his or her shots into a 6 inch circle.


When you’re talking about these 5 - 15 minute times, are you talking about “the time limit within which you must fire x number of shots”? I would think that merely holding a pistol in a shooting position for 15 minutes straight would be quite tiring.

In general in the slower portions (5 in 150 sec, 15 in 15 minutes), the shooter is free to rest his or her arm between shots, you have between 30 and 60 seconds per well aimed shot. Common wisdom is that if you raise the pistol you should fire within 10 [okay 7-8 for purists] seconds before you start to lose the minimum arc. After about 20 seconds or so I find my aim starts to go fairly severely (and I get tired) even if I’m firing shots and resetting my aim during that time (for times sake you don’t rest during Timed and Rapid Fire, you should probably breathe once during Timed Fire). For the longer duration events, you have time to visualize the shot, raise and aim the pistol, fire, return to rest, and check the target through your scope for each shot without a lot of time pressure. In all events save the duello, you may fire as rapidly as you like but that may not necessarily be advantageous.

My efforts with a pistol (S&W 357 & Beretta .40) Friday suggested I had a personal vendetta against paper and, instead of a quick kill, tried to nick it to death.

However, the new Ruger #1 in a 7 mag with a Leoupold 4.5x14x50 VXIII went from 11" off bull boresight to simulating a prostate exam on the 10 in 8 shots. From 9 on the holes were… umm… quite touching.

This is my 2nd Ruger. The first is a 22-250 in an M-77. It’s accuracy, miles beyond this new one, absolutely drives my hunting mates green with envy.

Hellacious guns. I’ll not hesitate to buy another.

Lieu, a gun owner?

Puts a whole new perspective on the phrase, “shooting the sh*t”… :smiley:

A 96?, I have a 96 Brigadier myself (a fine pistol, once you learn to “drive the dots” accuracy is respectable). I am off to the range this morning to perform a “function test” on the Mark II (it appears to function properly but I want to hear it go “bang”) and to sight in the red dot scope.


I have a Mark II with a bull barrel. I’m camping on some property I own next weekend. I do believe I’ll take it with.

Yes, yes unfortunately it does.