Ruined First Names

There was a thread on Reddit about someone that was all happy about their new puppy. They named the puppy Lolita.

Of course a discussion erupted about naming the dog Lolita. I couldn’t’ see all of the OP’s comments because many of them were deleted, but I think she was saying that it was not a problem name in the Hispanic community.

This got me thinking. What if you had the power to write a book that you knew would become iconic. In that book would be a first name that you knew would be frowned upon for the next 100 years.

What name would you choose? A name from your childhood bully perhaps? Your ex?

On first thought I would lean toward something like those crazy trendy names like Mckaylee or something, but those are too popular (and yet too hated at the same time).

Okay, I can see that you’re not asking about names that have already been ruined. But since I’m here, I’ll say Kermit has been ruined as a name, for anyone who wants to be taken seriously.





I’m adding Katrina



Answering the actual question, if I was deliberately picking a name that I knew would become frowned upon, I’d pick something unusual, if only because I wouldn’t want millions of Matthews to be annoyed at me.

And now we know how many people only skim the OP

Emma. That’s a name that can be retired right the hell out of usage.

Maybe when Emma Stone is the age of Olivia de Haviland. :star_struck:

Covid Clyborne grabbed his keys and hopped in his Tesla, swinging across town to pick up his new Instagram model girlfriend on the way to the New Year’s Eve party.

“BBC World Service, I’m David Eades. Officials in China have reported the appearance of…SiriusXM Eighties On Eight! ‘That’s great; it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane - Lenny Bruce is not afraid’…” Covid loved REM. It was a good sign.

He switched on the autopilot and livestreamed himself. “IT’S GONNA BE A GREAT YEAR! TOP OF THE WORLD, MA!”


John. Just to get the most bang for my buck, as it were.

Well if that is the objective, might as well bring religion into it as well and go with Jesus or Mohammed.

I don’t want to piss off religious people. Just make people with the actual name feel bad.

Beautifully written my beautiful friend. But he would be levitating in the 2120 Musk Marauder capable of sailing at 150 meters for 10 years at a time before needing to tune your eight layered ™ fission engine.

Covid Clyborne was the grandson of Sir Reginald Clyborne, heir to the Clyborne Leather Gloves fortune (and Margaret Thatcher’s dom).

He was also the largest individual owner of Airbnb units in the world.

Definitely “Dick.”

Tough choice. Some of my most hated people have my same name, so I could ruin their name, but…

It seems unlikely that an English speaking Western couple will look at their newborn infant and decide Homer is the right choice for a name any time soon.

Reading OPs appears to be more difficult than one would think.

I would probably choose a name I just plain didn’t like; it would make writing the character as a distasteful person easier. So, Roy or Wayne.

(Apologies to anyone named Roy or Wayne who is reading this, unless your last name is Moore or LaPierre.)