'Rum Diary' movie coming: Casting suggestions?

The Hunter S. Thompson novel ‘The Rum Diary’ is being made into a movie with Johnny Depp as the lead (which I think works.) However, Josh Hartnett was cast as Yeamon, which I don’t think works. Nick Nolte was cast as Lotterman, a dubious choice but I think it could be interesting.

Chenault has not been cast. Some have suggested Christina Ricci; these people deserve to be bitch-slapped (she’s not a blonde, first off; secondly she’s too weird looking.)

Any other fans of this novel should opine here.

I just bought the book yesterday and haven’t had a chance to read it yet, however Johnny Depp played the good doctor in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (with an uncanny resemblence), so if the two books are anything alike, Johnny Depp is the perfect choice.

I’m glad to know that nobody else here has read this book. Now I can take pride in belonging to an elite group of Rum Diary Readers.

Seriously, though, I want to use the opportunity to plug this book. It’s very good. It’s nothing like Fear and Loathing, so don’t expect a trippy surrealistic plot: it’s very straight in comparison, just a very good straight-up novel. Read it! Then watch the upcoming movie and be dissapointed!

I think maybe Iben Hjejle, the blonde gal from High Fidelity, would make a good Chenault.

And I’ll second the recommendation; it’s not a great novel, but it’s definitely a good novel, certainly worth reading for Thompson fans.