Rumsfeld Says Flight 93 Was Shoot Down...

Hi folks, I was on YouTube, and came across a vid that seems to show former US Secretary of Defence, saying (admitting?) that Flight 93, was shot down.

Any thoughts?

Go to YouTube and do a search of Rumsfeld Flight 93.


Nope. Sorry. You do the link legwork.
Also, I’m not sure what you are asking. The clip I found was only 19 seconds long and I can’t tell the context of what Rummy is saying.


So now the terrorists shot down Flight 93? I thought the conspiracy was that the US Government shot down that plane.

Rummy was referring to terrorists when he said ‘they’. Now, if Rummy was ‘admitting’ something, it would seem to me that he was admitting that terrorists had hijacked Flight 93, then some other terrorists shot it down, while other terrorists still were flying other planes into buildings. Does that make any sense whatsoever? Of course it doesn’t. Neither does any of the other 9/11 conspiracy garbage that routinely gets spewed about the internet.

He misspoke. It happens. Move on.

Rumsfeld was addressing our troops in 2004.

Pure hokum from the conspiracy nuts.

If that’s an indication of how Mr. Rumsfeld’s brain works, it may explain a lot about the Iraq mess (the military told him one thing, but he thought they meant something else).

Rumsfeld, like all other humans, occasionally mispeaks. That’s what happened. It’s sad that some people consider this a topic for debate.

What, you trust Donald Rumsfeld?

Assuming Rummy did not misspeak, just curious, why would the admin, as goofy as they are, hide the fact that this plane was shot down, when we know and they admit the other three crashes were the work of the enemy? Don’t want to give them credit for four, only three? :confused:

Don’t try to apply logic or reason to a conspiracy theory. It doesn;t work that way.

Such as the OP in the title of this thread ;).