Run of bad luck

Well let’s see, here’s what has happened to me over the last several weeks.

Car broke down, had to take it in 4 different times before it finally got fixed, about $200 a pop.

AC in the apartment quit working, and it’s at least 90 here every day. That only took one sweaty day to fix.

TV got damaged by lightning, took that to the shop, no word yet.

Visited my home town for the first time in a few years to find 3 of my old friends with life threatening illnesses.

Had a great job lined up, phone interview went great, called her back a week later to check in and she gets all pissed off at me like I’m telling her she’s not doing her job. Might as well forget about that one.

The stocks I bought in July are now worth 50% of what I paid for them.

I have a sore throat, I think it’s probably strep.

Well that’s most of the major stuff, a few minor day-to-day things I could toss in though.

How’s your life going?

Mine’s not great either.

My friend and I were going to watch Garden State tonight, a movie we both were anticipating to see. In the middle of dinner, her mom calls her and tells her that her uncle has died so I took her home and the movie was put off to a later date. That’s more of my friend’s bad luck though, so I can’t selfishly claim it to be mine.

After I dropped my friend off home, I went into Starbucks and ran into my ex. It was an ex I didn’t have a good break up with. In fact, I’m not sure if even broke up because it just ended when he stopped calling me. He was with his girlfriend while I was alone.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and my cheeks are still swollen. Because of this, I can’t work and my boss is a little displeased she has to scramble around to find someone to fill in for me on a Sunday since almost everyone at work is at church on Sundays. I’m one of the rare godless heathens she hired to work Sundays.

I couldn’t find one of my favourite CDs. I know it’s somewhere, but can’t find it under the mess that is my desk.

My situations aren’t the end all, be all. But bad luck is still, well… bad. Cliche as the following will be, after you hit bottom, you can only go up.

My life in general has been fine, but my one run of recent bad luck is all computer-related.

Needed to get my website domain transferred from the old, nasty, expensive company to the new, nice, inexpensive company. Took 5 weeks of emails, calls and registered letters.

At the same time as I was sorting that out, my machine got infected by a nasty virus. I had foolishly allowed my anti-virus s’ware to expire, so I had to renew the subscription, install the up to date software and do the necessary to get rid of the virus (which, thankfully, I was able to do).

Soon after dealing with the domain thing and the virus thing, I had the problem of Quicktime loading itself unasked every time I was trying to download an executable file (something I needed to do to keep my anti-virus software up to date). No-one I knew could tell me how to fix this problem, but luckily I posted a Q about it here on the Boards and got my answer.

Computers: when they work, they’re great. When they don’t…

That is not bad luck.

How not? Getting hit by lightning? What are the odds? Of all the items on his list, it’s probably the one most influenced by pure “luck.” And it’s damage to an expensive piece of electronic equipment, which will cost him in repairs or replacement, so it’s “bad.” Ergo, “bad luck.”

I’m not meaning that it’s the worst thing to happen to him this week, but that it’s the most random and most attributable to “bad luck”.

CC, yeesh man…next week has got to be better. Hang in there.

I’m just being sarcastic JENAROPH. But tell me-
is there anything worth watching on TV?
One thing I can think of is Weather Network ,particulary when one lives in Florida :wink:

I somewhat agree with you really. The only thing I actually watch on TV are sporting events. If there’s no sporting events on, I usually have my TV tuned to some nature show, just for some background noise and video. I think it would be hard for me to live without a TV though, just for those few rare occasions when there is something on I want to watch. Sure is a waste of 45 bucks a month for 100 channels on cable though.