Running laptop cooler

While I am on the subject, is there any tricks to help my laptop run cooler?

Don’t sit it on your lap.

The inexpensive method is to place it on a hard surface, specifically to increase airflow under the machine. You can buy simple cradles that lift it off of a desk to increase the airflow. You can buy laptop cradles that have fans in them to pull away the heat. Some cradles are even minature heat sinks to increase the heat transfer.

A laptop cooler is probably what your looking for. :smiley:

Yeah, I use a breakfast-in-bed type tray with the legs folded in and it works great.

I think the reason my last laptop went wonky is because it overheated too many times, from setting it on the couch.

The industry’s been mildly attempting to rename the things as “notebooks” instead of “laptops” because the things are running warmer and warmer, and it’s actually not a good idea to use one on your lap for a long time.

My PowerBook becomes uncomfortably warm on the lap after just 15 or so minutes - not sure if that’s because it really is that hot, or because the entire body is aluminum, so it conducts heat out faster than a plastic case.