Rush- band with most consecutive years with same lineup?

Another current Rush thread got me thinking- those guys have had the same unchanged lineup for like 35 years- gotta be a record. Anyone else ever come close to that?

They haven’t had the same line-up for 35 years, close though. Golden Earring has had the same line-up since 69 or 70. They still put out albums every couple of years, though the last few have been slow, but they tour all the time in Holland.

Just a couple of months shy of 33.

(As I’ve mentioned here before, my brothers saw them in Pittsburgh for their first show with Neil Peart on drums.)

Peter Paul and Mary – same lineup since 1962. That’s 45 years. They’re planning a summer tour, too.

ZZ Top – same lineup since 1970.

This is a duo, not a “band”- but the Everly Brothers, Phil and Don, still perform together.

Of course, from what I hear, they still hate each other, and barely speak after the gigs are over.

The Four Tops went 43 years with the same line up, from 1954 until the death of a member in 1997.