Rush: Feedback...anyone else get it?

Rush released their new album, Feedback this week.

I picked it up this afternoon at lunch. I’ve listened to it three times so far.

It’s a EP of 8 covers of 1960s acid rock and classic rock songs. Recorded in a week or so in April apparently for the hell of it.

At first I was pretty leery of the concept. But I really like it. The cover of ‘Shape of Things’ is entertaining as all get out.

Anyone else pick it up?

Well, they definitely picked some of the best songs of the genre; I never would’ve guessed they were Buffalo Springfield fans.

I need to hear this.

Well, if you were a Canadian kid in a garage rock band in the mid-Sixties, you HAD to be a Neil Young fan!

Yes, great album. I was especially impressed by The Seeker.

I’m particularly fond of ‘Shapes of Things’ right now. It’s an actual POP song.

And that’s weird to hear them playing.


I loved Alex’s guitar work on “Mr. Soul”… Sort of a “Neil Young meets Roger McGwinn” feel, with a lot of Alex’s own distinctive riffs in the mix as well. Geddy’s voice is so clean nowadays, it’s beautiful to listen to, but some of the songs could have used some of the old-school wail.


There was a rumor that Geddy has expanded his 7-note range to 10 notes. Is it true? That would soooooooooo tarnish the Rush mystique. :wink:

I got it from the iTunes Music Store.

It’s fun. Sort of a throwback to their very early sound; virtually no keyboards so Alex gets the whole soundstage to himself–a good thing, I think, even speaking as a keyboardist myself.

I do wish they’d chosen a different Cream tune than Crossroads, or maybe a Beatles tune instead. Crossroads is played.

Speaking of Rush, I see them live in 19 hours! Woo!

I haven’t looked at the playlist, but hopefully they’ll incorportate some songs from Feedback into the tour.

I always thought I was fairly knowledgeable when it came to (“classic”) rock music, so I feel like a complete moron that I am not familiar with the tune “Seven and Seven Is”. Who did the original version?

Other than that, I really enjoyed it. The last time I bought a new Rush album was back when “Signals” came out. I quit listening to them when they started getting too much into that slick 80’s sound, so it was nice to hear a throwback to their roots.

Haven’t picked it up yet, but I will do so next week, as I’m in the US then and CD’s are cheaper there.

October 1st - Rush rocks Rotterdam, for the first time in 13 years! And I’m there. :smiley:

Love, on the album Da Capo.

I got it yesterday and have listened to it what feels like 10 times already. I love a good cover song and these are all truly great.

Alex’s guitar playing on this disc is like watching eight home runs in a row, I can’t say enough good things about it! And this may be Geddy’s finest and most accessible singing ever. The drums are mixed a little “AM-radio style” but you can still hear some really great riffs and interjections out of Neil.

Feedback is easily my favorite Rush album since A Show of Hands. I’m seeing them on the 30th!

I heard it once yesterday, so maybe my opinion will change, but basically I thought that the album was kind of uninteresting. I don’t know the originals of all the songs, but of those that I did, it sounded like they played the same songs with a few bells and whistles, but no major changes. When a band covers a song, I think they should do it their own way. Otherwise, what’s the need to cover a song if you’re not gonna make it your own.

For example, Jimi Hendrix changed “All Along the Watch Tower” to something that was his own style.
Cream took Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads” and made it their own. Rush took Cream’s cover of crossroads, and played it again.

But maybe the changes were just too subtle, and I’ll notice them more in future listens.